The best physiotherapy exercises for coordination

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The best physiotherapy exercises for coordination – Exercises by Frenkel

The Frenkel exercises are a very effective way to improve coordination. In fact, it is very beneficial for the patient with sensory ataxia. This technique established the control of movement through the use of the alternative sensory mechanism, which is intact, generally visual, sound and tactile.

The fundamental principles of the Frenkel exercises are the following:

Concentration or attention Accuracy Repetition.

The patient is positioned in such a way that he can see the movement. The therapist gives a concise explanation and even demonstrates the exercises so that the patient gets a good mental picture of what they are expected to do. The patient must concentrate to perform a smooth and precise movement. The speed of movement is regulated by the therapist through the use of rhythmic counting, the movement of his hand or the use of appropriate music.

The range of movement is indicated by marking the point at which the foot or hand will be placed. The exercises are repeated many times until the patient improves it and is able to perform it easily. The exercises become more difficult to incorporate more movements and more joints in the exercise.

Slower movements need more control that rapid movements, therefore, the alteration in the speed of consecutive movements is very essential to offer a challenge to the patient.

In a sitting position, you can even use the technique of joint approach or rhythmic stabilization to cause a contraction of the neck muscle that, in turn, can stabilize the neck.

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Biofeedback can also be tried to facilitate contraction of the postural muscles of the neck and trunk. Good control of the trunk can be achieved by performing activities such as leaning at the elbow, prone to the hand, four-legged, bridge, trunk rotations, etc. placing the patient prone to the vestibular ball also helps develop control of the trunk extensors. Sitting on your side taking weight in both hands also stimulates trunk stabilization.

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