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The gift you buy for your baby or for someone else's baby is worth its price when it really is of some use to the baby. You feel happy, satisfied and a little proud of your choice when you see that the little boy you bought it for you liked or enjoyed it. Also, if the gifts are organic gifts for babies, their pleasures will increase!

By giving a baby organic baby gifts, you welcome the most precious creation of God with the safest, most natural and friendly gift. The baby will not only enjoy these gifts, but will also be totally safe from the dangers of pollution by any kind of harmful chemicals Used in synthetic products. An idea of ​​these organic baby gifts will not only give you an idea of ​​what they really are, but also help you choose the best one for your baby. Here we go!

Organic baby gifts: They do not look different from any baby gift at all. However, the difference lies in its interior. Organic baby gifts can be defined as baby gift items, which are made up of organic materials and manufactured through an organic process. There must be no participation of any kind of synthetic or artificial or chemical substances before, during or after the manufacture of these gift items. That means that the raw material must be natural and cultivated with the help of organic fertilizers Y pesticides Only, and "No" chemistry fertilizers and pesticides.

In addition, during the manufacturing process, chemical products should not be used to bleach, conditioning, strengthener, dyeing, coloring, flavoring and adherent, disinfection, or any other manufacturing step. Finally, chemical preservatives or bio-repellents should not be used in these products and should be packaged in organic packages. Again, there is no specific definition of what should be included in Gifts for organic babies. They can include any use of the baby, such as clothes, food articles, toys, Cosmetic products, and other accessories.

<img title = "babygift1" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-20422 lazy keep-away" src = " "alt =" babygift1″ height=”900″ width=”1200″>But why or why not organic baby gifts? Apparently, we do not feel any difference in the use of organic and non-organic products, so we could ask ourselves what is wrong with the use of these chemicals when everyone else uses them and lives well. There are many reasons behind this way of thinking. First, the adverse effects of these chemicals appear mainly after long-term use and at that time, they become irreversible. For example, there are many chemicals that are more or less carcinogenic, which means that they cause Cancer. But you know, cancer does not develop in a single day and when its symptoms appear, it's already too late. The second reason is that adults become so insensitive with our age that we can not feel the adverse effects.

For example, there are many chemicals whose exposure can cause irritations. However, babies can feel it because they are more delicate and their skin Or organ system are more sensitive than adults. Therefore, they are more exposed to danger, but it is not that we, as adults, are less prone. It is simply that we can not feel it. Finally, it just seems that we do not care, and this comes from a lack of awareness. We often think what a difference our use of these organic baby gifts would make when everything else is so contaminated with chemicals. However, I say that there would be no harm if you use organic products. Surely they will be of some benefit to your baby. At least, this can be a humble beginning of a big change and if you are not willing to change the world, at least you can do this for your baby.

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Enough of lectures! Where are the data? Good! I'm sorry if I was being bored. Here is some real data! Let's start with the types of products you can choose as organic baby gifts and their whereabouts.

Organic baby appliances

Material: Organic natural fiber, preferably cotton.

Availability: Availability is better in large cities and developed nations than in small cities, rural areas and developing economies. It can also be ordered on the internet.

Price: It is more expensive than normal baby clothes.

Organic toys for babies

Organic baby toys are not made of vegetables Y fruitsThey are not edible either. They are as good as any other toy, with the difference that they are made of organic raw material and no chemical or synthetic substances are used in them. We, who are used to seeing. toys Made of plastic and metal and some soft toys, they can hardly think of any other material that can be used to make toys. [1] However, this is not so. There are a lot of natural substances that can be used. Some of these are given below.

Organic Natural Fiber: Cotton, silk, jute, flannel and organically grown wool can be used to make soft toys, stuffed toys or other types of toys.

Latex or natural organic rubber: Obtained from organically grown rubber plants. Ideal for making dolls and balls.

Natural organic wood / bamboo, etc: Obtained from organically grown trees. Although they are hard, they can be rounded (all edges and sharp angles can be removed) to make dolls and other toys. These toys are still popular in rural areas of India, China and Russia.

Organic natural color: Obtained from various flowers and plant extracts. Although it can not replace paint or dyes, they are good enough to color fabric toys.

Advantages of organic toys for babies: Since these toys do not contain synthetic toxic compounds, your baby can touch them safely and you can even put them in your mouth (I do not even mean that they are edible yet).

Disadvantages of organic toys for babies: The only disadvantages of these toys that one can think of are their higher price and rarer availability. Most manufacturers, even the giants in the manufacture of toys, do not produce organic toys for babies. The reason behind this may be that toys are not considered as important as other baby products, such as Baby food and the baby's clothes and the physical contact of these toys with the babies is not as much as the baby food, the baby bedding or the baby clothes. So, many think about what harm infants can have from so little or occasional contact with these non-organic toys. In addition, just because organic raw materials cost much more than cheap synthetics, companies see less profit from the sale of organic baby toys.

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What if? What happens if Organic Baby Toys is not available in your area? There are three possible solutions for this. First, you can order them online, since some companies are selling them online and will send them to your home. However, this will be too expensive to spend on something that is not an essential product. You can then ask your nearest dealer to obtain something for you. This, once again, if it is not as expensive as ordering on the Internet, will cost you very well. Finally, you can make them at home or have someone make them to measure. This is going to be the cheapest option and you will only have to buy some organic garments, organic rubber sheets, organic wool and some other organic sweets, which are not a big problem.

Market response: Organic baby toys are not as popular as other organic baby products. The reasons include their rare availability and the lack of importance that their parents gave them. Many still think that it does not matter if the toys are organic or not.

Organic baby bedding

Material: Natural organic fiber and rubber.

Availability: Once again, more in the big cities and in the developed economies and less to the contrary. It can be ordered on the internet.

Price: Baby beds higher than normal

Organic baby blankets

Material: Organic cotton and wool

Availability: The same as above

Price: More expensive

Organic baby food

Material: Organic materials [2] as cereals, MilkY sugar

Availability: Better available than other organic baby products.

Price: Baby food more expensive than normal

Benefits: Organic foods to have lower levels of pesticides and higher levels of nutrients. [3]

Organic cosmetics for babies

Material: Organic, organic beeswax Essential oils, Organic extracts of herbs, and organic Vegetable Edible oils

Availability: It has a much better availability than other organic baby products

Price: Cosmetics much higher than normal.

Future Organic baby products can be expensive today, as very few manufacturers made organic products, but very soon, all other players will enter the arena and things will be available at more competitive prices. Thanks to the growing awareness of the people and the consequent growing demand for organic products. And there is even more good news! Perhaps this is the first time that a revolution of this kind will not have an adverse impact on the environment, unlike the Industrial Revolution and the Green Revolution, etc. Therefore, we wish this revolution a very bright future and contribute to it by encouraging organic development. Gifts for babies.

The best organic baby gifts, Reference:

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