The best foods to increase breast milk

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First of all, the best way to increase breast milk is to continue feeding your baby. How often and how much longer your newborn baby is to suck, more milk will be produced. Give signals to your body to increase milk production.

Normally, the newborn will sleep most of the time, if the baby sleeps, do not continue with your work because it is not crying! You need to wake him up and encourage him to feed at least 2 hours once. This will motivate your breasts to produce more milk.

Another important thing you should do is to sleep well as much as you can, and if you do not get enough sleep at night during the day, you can nap when the child is sleeping. If your body rests well you can produce more milk.

If you feel that what you give is not enough for the baby, you should take some foods that are high in protein and better to increase milk production.

Drink a lot of milk, if you drink more milk, then you can produce more milk. It is recommended to take at least twice or three times in a day. Take with bread or any other protein powder.

Fenugreek seeds (Methi):
Fenugreek seed is a general herb that increases milk production. We all use it in the kitchen, it is a better source of protein, iron, vitamin C. Have a teaspoon of methi seeds soaked about 3 times a day or you can take it as tea or in capsule form, this herb will increase the supply of milk within a few days.

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Water and juices: drink plenty of water and juices in your diet. If you keep your body hydrated you can produce more milk. It's good for you and your baby. Nuts: Nuts contain a large amount of calories, high in protein and essential fatty acids. The best nuts to produce more milk are the almonds, either in the form of raw milk or through the milk of almonds. Garlic: Add more garlic to your food. You can boil the garlic and you can take it directly if you can eat it or add garlic cloves in boiled milk and then have it. It is the best way to produce more Sabudana (or) Sago seeds with milk: you can take sago seeds in two ways, just boil the seeds and have them or you can make sabudana kheer taste better. These seeds are very good for milk production.

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