The benefits of oil extraction revitalize your health and well-being

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How an ancient Ayurvedic remedy called "oil extraction" can revitalize your health and well-being by detoxifying your mouth … and your whole body

Recently, an unorthodox method called oil extraction, derived from an ancient oriental medical tradition called Ayurveda, has become a popular method to address oral health, reverse chronic diseases and improve general well-being.

This refreshing and modern adaptation of an ancient cure consists in shaking and "extracting" oil (usually sunflower, sesame, coconut or olive) in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes a day. Oil extraction benefits

Believe it or not, this low-cost therapy and for yourself can have amazing detoxifying effects. Users report that they can do everything from curing gingivitis … to facilitating weight loss … to reversing arthritis … cleaning skin conditions … and even decreasing gray hair!

The impact of this remarkable therapy begins with its ability to promote a much cleaner and healthier mouth. By greatly improving your oral health, the benefits of oil extraction can have a tremendous and unexpected impact on your overall well-being.

The silent factor that kills millions.

In 2000, the Surgeon General of the United States issued a report, Oral health in America, drawing attention to the strong link between oral health and general health. According to the report, poor oral hygiene is the "silent factor that promotes the emergence of deadly diseases that are responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans every year."

The mouth is home to billions of bacteria … viruses … fungi … parasites … and thousands of other toxins. Strains of germs such as candida and streptococcus and their toxic waste products not only cause gum disease and cavities, but also contribute to serious and even debilitating health problems.

When your immune system is overloaded by factors such as excessive stress, poor diet and environmental toxins, destructive organisms in the mouth can spread throughout the body. Once released into the body, these toxins can cause secondary infections, chronic inflammation and other persistent health problems.

The Mayo Clinic staff lists the following diseases and conditions that may be caused or affected by oral health:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of the heart)
• Preterm birth and low birth weight
• Diabetes
• Eating disorders
• osteoporosis
• Alzheimer disease
• Immune system disorders

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Ancient oriental remedy revived in the west and promoted by prominent scientists and doctors

The traditional Ayurvedic medical treatment from which Oil extraction benefits emerged was known as "oil gargles".

The Ukrainian doctor, Dr. F. Karach, developed the modern version of oil extraction in the early nineties. Dr. Karach believed that the practice could cure a variety of diseases, from heart disease to digestive problems and hormonal disorders. He himself cured his own chronic blood and arthritis disorder through the practice of oil extraction.

Currently, one of the most prominent. oil extraction Enthusiasts is Dr. Bruce Fife, author of the book, Oil extraction therapy: detoxification and healing of the body through oral cleansing.

"The first thing that most people notice when they start to extract oil is an improvement in their oral health," says Dr. Fife. "The teeth become whiter, the breath becomes cooler and the tongue and gums become a healthy pink color. Even problems such as bleeding gums, tooth decay and gum disease are greatly diminished or completely cured. "

The methods of Dr. Karach and Dr. Fife are similar. Both consist of oil to bathe in the mouth, including the "throwing" of the teeth, for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. The main difference is that Dr. Karach prefers sunflower oil, while Dr. Fife is an advocate of coconut oil.

Either way, the oil cleanses your mouth in the same way as the oil you put in your car's engine. The engine oil picks up dirt and grime and removes debris with it when it drains. Subsequently, its engine is cleaner, works more smoothly and works for longer.

The extraction of oil has the same effect on the body. "Extract" toxins and bacteria from the mouth and body. By expelling these harmful substances, your health will improve so that you can also "run" better for longer.

A remarkable detoxifying and healer

Dr. Fife describes Oil extraction benefits as "one of the most remarkable methods of detoxification and healing" that he has found throughout his career as a naturopathic doctor.

Other methods of detoxification, such as juice fasts, diets, or unpleasant (and often loosening of the intestines) mixtures of herbs and pills, are often costly and, ultimately, ineffective. The extraction of oil is cheap, practically effortless and completely harmless! "All he's doing is rinsing his mouth with vegetable oil, a food," Fife reminds patients. "You're not even swallowing the oil, what can be more benign than that?

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The extraction of oil has no adverse side effects and has innumerable health benefits, such as:

• Whiter and more straight teeth
• Healthy, pink rubber bands.
• Increase of energy.
• Decreased migraine headache
• Improved or reversed arthritis
• Less sinus congestion
• Less asthma symptoms.
• Elimination of allergies.
• Relief of premenstrual syndrome symptoms
• More regular menstrual cycles.
• Improved sleep cycle
• Clearer complexion

Oil extraction is safe for almost anyone, regardless of their current health level. Do not be fooled by its simplicity, even very serious conditions have been markedly improved with the treatment.

How to practice oil extraction

The traditional Ayurvedic method requires unrefined and cold pressed sunflower or sesame oil. However, experts now say that other oils such as unrefined olive or coconut oil can be equally effective (or even more effective for certain conditions) and may have a better flavor.

Health and nutrition writer Elizabeth Walling offers these tips to those interested in giving oil extraction a try:

• The extraction of oil should be done on an empty stomach immediately after waking up
• Use approximately 1 tablespoon of oil
• If you wish, you can add one or two drops of an essential or healing oil such as oregano.
• Shake the oil slowly, try to reach each region of your mouth
• Be careful not to swallow the oil, which will become very thin and frothy when you shake it.
• After 20 minutes, spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with pure water.
• Brush your teeth with a natural toothpaste.

If you are using oil extraction to address a specific health problem, experts recommend daily sessions. However, it can be done as often as you wish to achieve exceptional detoxification and general health.

The necessary oils are available at most natural health stores, as well as from many reputable online sources, so choose the type that suits you best and make a gesture.

The benefits of oil extraction revitalize your health and well-being, source:

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