The 7 best tests that every woman over 35 should do

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Women juggle and perform multiple tasks constantly to ensure a balance between work and home. We often have a large to-do list, which invariably includes everything that is not our regular health check-up.

Women are predisposed to a series of health conditions as they get older. The periodic evaluation guarantees that health problems are identified soon. Consider this as a regular maintenance check you make for your car, which allows it to function efficiently. Being proactive about your health can prevent several health problems and avoid problems, time and money that you would need for extensive treatment later.

While no one, not even your doctor, can tell you what you might suffer, there are a lot of tests that can detect some of the most deadly conditions at the beginning. We have compiled a list of routine medical screening tests suggested to you, ladies, for which you must choose once above the threshold of 35 years of age and into adulthood.


After age 30, it is always recommended that you visit your gynecologist periodically and have a complete pelvic exam and Pap test. Cervical cancer It is one of the leading causes of death among women in India and a vaccine against cervical cancer has recently been introduced.

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