The 6 signs of pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a special state, characterized by the period of the woman in which she maintains in the body the product of conception, the future of the baby. Once the task in the whole body and each organ in particular occurs certain changes, they are purely physiological and are caused by fetal maturation. Here are the six signs of pregnancy:


It is the clearest sign that you were pregnant. However, there are women who suffer from amenorrhea and external causes of stress, various physiological or emotional disorders. In addition, even pregnant women can be deceived by the presence or absence of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes, although fertilization has already taken place, there is a possibility that menses may return in short and unexpected episodes.

Therefore, to be sure, you must purchase a pregnancy test on the day you must resolve your period. If you have a regular cycle, the wait can extend the margin to about a week, in which case it is best to consult your gynecologist.

The pregnancy test system works in a seemingly simple way, that is, to detect a specific hormone in the urine. It is good to know that the first urine, preferably collected in the morning, contains the most concentrated amount of hormones that indicate pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests are very accurate and rarely fail. There are still cases in which the pregnancy test is negative, and after a period the signs of pregnancy appear to be safe. This is due to taking the test too soon. In these circumstances, if you want to be sure to indicate pregnancy, it is best to consult your doctor or have blood tests done.

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Morning sickness

These symptoms are common in many cases, but not all women are affected by this symptom. They appear not only in the morning, but day and night, sometimes even at night. However, statistics say that only half of pregnant women experience such feelings.

The bad feelings that women have at the beginning of pregnancy vary from one woman to another. Since some of them have no pain at all, others call it hyperemesis gravidarum syndrome, a syndrome that can be very dangerous, as it can cause dehydration and other problems. "signs of pregnancy size =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
<p><strong>Sensitivity in the breasts</strong></p>
<p>Breast pain is a sensation that many women experience. It happens not only at the beginning of the pregnancy, but also in the monthly menstruation before the installation. Breast pain is caused by inflammation of the mammary glands due to the large amounts of hormones they secrete. In pregnancy, the pain disappears during the second half. When this persists, it becomes a local irritation.</p>
<p>The conclusion is that a symptom of breast tenderness is not a clear sign of installation, so the only way to know for sure is the frequency of breast tenderness.</p>
<p>They are caused by hormonal changes that occur within the female body. Headache is not a sure sign of pregnancy because it can be caused by several factors such as stress, eye diseases, brain tumors, etc.</p>
<p>In some cases, women experience these symptoms even after the onset of pregnancy. Again, just because it is a symptom does not mean it is a sign of pregnancy. Many women experience swelling during the menstrual cycle before installation.</p>
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Vaginal discharge

While not accompanied by itching or swelling, vaginal discharge is characteristic of pregnancy. The cervix undergoes a series of mechanical and physiological changes to secrete mucus that will protect the fetus during pregnancy.

It is very important that these secretions are odorless and do not create discomfort in the genital tract. Otherwise, it may indicate a vaginal problem and require the advice of an expert.

As I said, some women take the pregnancy without any problem, while others experience discomfort and pain.

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