The 6 biggest myths of cholesterol denied

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Could it be that everything that your doctor and the media have made you believe about high cholesterol and its connection to heart disease is false?


As I recently got into a Avocado salad, it made me think about cholesterol and how misunderstood it is. In fact, its bad reputation has corrupted the credibility of some of nature's most valuable food sources, and it's time for the record to be corrected.

Here, I debunk six of the most common myths about cholesterol.

Myth number 1: cholesterol will kill you

This is simply not true. Cholesterol is your friend, not your enemy. Essential for good health, especially the wellbeing of women, cholesterol should not be something that is feared and respected when eating a nutritious diet.

It is a natural product that is found in the body and is produced by the liver. It is vital for normal cell function and is the main molecule for hormones as important as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It is critical for the immune system and the brain.

For example, even if you did not consume any cholesterol at all, you would still find it present in your body. Their diet is really secondary when it comes to observing cholesterol levels, but doctors often ignore it.

Myth number 2: high cholesterol causes coronary heart disease

There is NO proven link between dietary cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

There have been numerous studies that aim to show a link, but all have been defective and NONE has been conclusive. This, now we know it.

The most influential study of all – the A study of seven countries conducted in 1953 by Dr. Ancel Keys. – It involved a highly suspect analysis model in itself, with Dr. Keys eliminating statistics that were not "in agreement" with his ideology. Having taken data from 22 countries, it only took note of the seven countries whose evidence supported their views, discounting the rest. Incredibly, this is the document on which the whole theory of cholesterol is based. Can you believe it?

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"If the 22 countries had been analyzed, no correlation would have been found," confirms lead physician Dr. Joseph Mercola.

As a result of the study, everyone was asked to eliminate butter, red meats, animal fats, eggs and dairy from their diet. This approach remains erroneously current throughout the world today, which brings me to the next point.

Myth number 3: saturated fat is dangerous

There is absolutely no correlation between saturated fat and heart disease, as confirmed by two important studies recently.

The biggest problem for the body in terms of fats is WHERE ARE THEY FROM.

The raw fats of a natural and healthy diet are GOOD! Your body NEED this for to flourish. They even help REDUCE heart disease.

Artificially and chemically induced fats. of processed foods have to be Avoided at all times.

The great sources of healthy fats are nuts, wild fish, wild and grass-fed meats, seeds (such as chia and flaxseed), avocados, organic eggs, olive oil and coconut oil.

Myth number 4: The higher your cholesterol, the shorter its life

In a major research on cholesterol known as the Framington Study, those who actually lived longer had the highest cholesterol. Fact.

Myth number 5: high cholesterol is a good predictor of heart attacks

The statistics actually show that more than 50 percent of people admitted to hospitals with cardiovascular diseases have NORMAL cholesterol, where people with high cholesterol have HEALTHY hearts.

Myth number 6: Reducing cholesterol with statin drugs will prolong life

The research shows no difference in mortality rates between patients taking statins and those who do not. In fact, statin medication can cause major negative side effects in the body, such as memory loss, loss of libido, muscle pain and fatigue.

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So there you have it – my opinions on cholesterol in a few words.

In fact I think that heart disease It is more likely to be the result of stress and consumption of processed foods, especially refined sugar. When you have stress in the body, it causes an increase in cortisol, which breaks down vitamin C. When you have a subtle deficiency of vitamin C in the long term, this causes a weakening of the arterial walls and then in the natural intelligence of your body. , uses readily available cholesterol in the bloodstream to mend weakened arterial walls.

This is your body trying to protect itself from damage to the arterial wall. We call this healing process atherosclerotic plaques or heart disease. Then we prescribe statins to reduce cholesterol and try to "fix" the problem. The underlying cause, stress and vitamin C deficiency are rarely addressed.

I'd love to see the case against cholesterol reopened and the tests re-evaluated. But then the pharmaceutical companies will not like that …

What are your thoughts about cholesterol?

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