The 6 best benefits of African mango

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African mango It is not the most widely available fruit, but it's full of nutrients and unique health benefits that make it quite popular in certain parts of the world.

What is African mango?

Scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis, The African mango tree carries these fruits of the same name. Originally from the central-western region of Africa, these fruits are commonly known as wild mango, wild mango or ogbono. The trees can grow quite tall, up to 40 meters, and produce these round fruits of green color that have bright orange fruits inside them, as well as a single woody stone. While the pulp is the most popular part of this fruit that is consumed, the seeds Actually they are more valued. Packed with healthy fats and other active compounds, the oil from the seeds can be extracted and extracted, or the seeds can be ground, roasted or eaten raw. [1]

African mango to lose weight

One of the reasons why this exotic fruit has received so much attention in recent years is due to its apparent effects on weightloss. The flesh of the fruit is not used for these purposes, but several studies have been carried out on the extract of the fruit. nut of the African mango. Research has found that active ingredients can not only help reduce cholesterol levels, but they can also stimulate metabolism and significantly increase passive fat burning. [2] When this extract is used regularly, it is known to cause weight loss. It is also known to suppress appetite, which is another way to prevent Eat excessively and create a caloric deficit.

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Benefits of African mango

The best benefits of eating African mango include regular diabetesincreasing circulation, and enhancing in general cardiovascular Health, among others.

Controls of diabetes

It has been found that people who regularly eat raw seeds, or who have the extract regularly, have a greater ability to control their blood. sugar, preventing the dangerous spikes and drops that diabetics should avoid [3]

Increase circulation

With a decent amount of iron In this fruit, taking some of this sweet is excellent to provide a boost to the circulation, which provides resources and oxygen where the body most needs it.

Protects the health of the heart

The active ingredients in the extract of the seed of this fruit are capable of reduce cholesterol levels and stimulate metabolism, which can lead to a lower blood pressure and a reduced risk of coronary heart diseases [4]

Prevents cancer

One of the other assets. ingredients Ellagic acid, has been linked to antioxidant and antiCancer Activities in the body. [5]

Side effects of African mango

Excessive consumption of African mango may result in sleep problems, HeadachesY flatulence. While this is only experienced when people consume too much fruit or seed extract, the active ingredients can also affect people at much lower levels. concentrations. Allergies This fruit also exists, although they are rare.

6 best benefits of African mango, reference:

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