The 5 best substitutes of the Crème Fraîche

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Looking for crème fraîche sthe substitutes can be stressful sometimes, especially when you're in the middle of a recipe, but there are a number of viable options on the market, and possibly already in your home!

Crème fraîche is a tart cream made with a bacterial culture. European in name and origin, by law can only contain cream and bacteria culture. [1] Sour cream from the USA UU It may contain other ingredients, such as thickening agents and sugar. Therefore, it is often sweeter and fatter than crème fraîche. This cream is used in a range of sweet and savory. recipes – From soups and sauces to desserts. Due to its high fat content, it does not curdle.

Crème Fraîche Substitutes

You may want crème fraîche sIt is located for health reasons or based on taste, and fortunately, the consistency is quite easy to duplicate. The best creme fraiche substitutes include sour cream, yogurt, soy sour cream, Mexican cream cheeseand cream cheese among others.

Sour cream

As explained, the sour cream is that of the United States.. Version of the crème fraîche. It can be an excellent substitute in most recipes. However, use it with care in tasty sauces, since different brands of sour cream have different degrees Of additional sugar – something that is worth checking before using. [2] If you expected to get a bitter edge in your recipe, you might find yogurt or the Mexican cream cheese does a better job (see below).


If what you are trying to emulate is the tanginess of crème fraîche, we recommend that you try yogurt as a substitute. A Greek yogurt with all the fat may be thicker and more similar to that of the crème fraîche, but it is also possible to use a low-fat yogurt. It is not recommended to bring a mixture with yogurt in it. boil, since it tends to separate when processed at high temperatures.

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Sour cream of soy

It is possible to find acidic creams made from soy, which make a Excellent vegan Y lactose– Free substitute to the crème fraîche. [3] Non-acidic soya creams are also available, and will match the thickness and creaminess of the fresh cream, but they will be sweeter and without the bitter edge, making them better for desserts.

Mexican Cream Cheese (Mexican Cream)

This cream cheese is one of the best and most economical alternatives for fresh cream, especially for soups and sauces. It is manufactured in a similar way, with a similar flavor and a thicker consistency. Unlike other alternatives to crème fraîche, the Mexican Cream can be cooked at high temperatures.

Thick cream

Although it lacks acidity, thick cream can be a good substitute when you are simply looking For a creamy element to add to a dish. [4] Do not let the cream boil and consider adding a little lemon or Lime juice for zing extra.

5 best substitutes of the Crème Fraîche, reference:

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