The 5 best benefits of tuberous essential oil

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The health benefits of the tuberose Essential oil can be attributed to its properties as a aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative and substance warming.

Tuberose is not a very popular name in the world of medicinal herbs. In fact, it is very popular and has a price among perfume manufacturers. Your flower has a beautiful one. fragrance, which is active at night, which is the only time this flower blooms. Due to this, the nard is popularly known as "Queen of the night", "The mistress of the night" or "Raat ki Raani", as it is known in Hindi. It grows well in Central America and India and it is in high demand in the countries of India. Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa to make perfumes.

Its scientific name is Polianthes tuberosa and its essential oil is extracted from its flowers by a solvent extraction method. The main components of tuberous essential oil are benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, menthyl benzoate, menthyl anthranilate and nerol.

Health benefits of tuberous essential oil

The various medicinal properties of this essential oil are the following.

Increase libido

Justifying their romantic and sensual names that include "Queen of the night" and "Lady of the night", this oil behaves like an aphrodisiac. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac in both aromatherapy as well as in medicinal herbs. The very strong, intense and intoxicating floral fragrance made with the Tuberose Essential Oil fills the atmosphere with romance and creates an atmosphere of love. This oil is very effective in treating frigidity and lack of libido. Certain components of this essential oil stimulate those parts of the brain that are responsible for arousal, sexual feelings and libido, both when used in aromatherapy or taken orally (there are very rare examples of oral administration of this oil, since the aroma is very strong). <img title = "tuberoseessentialoil" class = "full size wp-image-30735 alignnone lazy keep-away" src = "" alt = "tuberoseessentialoil” height=”900″ width=”1200″>

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It also relaxes the mind, which is a prerequisite for success. sex, as tension and stress They are two of his greatest enemies. In addition, it has a heating effect on organs because it increases circulation of blood, which helps cure erectile dysfunctions and impotence.

Eliminates bad smell

I do not think I should explain its deodorant properties. This essential oil, famous throughout the world for its use in perfumes, certainly does not need any explanation about its function as a deodorant. The rich, intense and long-lasting floral fragrance is an ideal choice for a deodorant, making it so popular in countries with hot and humid climates, as they have to deal frequently with sweat and the result. body odor.

Relieves stress and anxiety

The pleasant fragrance and the various chemical components of this oil have relaxing effects on the brain, nerves and muscles. It calms people and gives relief to stress, tension, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous afflictions, seizures, cramps, spasmodic cough, and Diarrhea.

Sedation of inflammation

This essential oil is good for sedation. inflammations, particularly those that belong to the nervous system and respiratory system. However, to have this sedative effect, it must be used in relatively high dilution.

Increases blood circulation

Tuberous essential oil stimulates and increases blood circulation throughout the body, which induces a heating effect. This effect counteracts the feeling of cold in winters, keeps the respiratory system warm, prevents the deposition of phlegm and colds, increases activity and also helps to cure sexual disorders.

Other benefits

In addition to the benefits described above, this essential oil can also be used to maintain the skin free of infections and cracks, oils in the hair (this is not suitable for everyone and can cause Headaches) to counteract nausea, and also reduces the tendency of vomiting and the effects of bad odors in certain areas.

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Some words of caution: It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. However, since it has a very strong and intense aroma, it can cause headaches and can slightly irritate the nerves if used at higher levels. concentration. Therefore, very mild doses should be used to obtain better results.

Mixture: In most cases, the Essential Oil of Tuberose is mixed with the essential oil of Jojoba, since in pure form its fragrance is excessively strong and overwhelming. It also forms good mixtures with the essential oils of bergamot, clary. wise, incense, geranium, lavender, tangerine, neroli, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and vetiver.

5 best benefits of tuberous essential oil, reference:

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