The 4 best substitutes for the green peppercorn

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If your plate asks for green Peppercorns and you can not find them, do not despair. There are many substitutes for green pepper that can provide spicy bite you want on your plate!

Green pepper substitutes

Green peppercorn substitutes include an unusual range of alternatives that may surprise you. The green peppercorns actually come from the same plant as the black peppercorns. They are harvested before and dehydrated quickly. You will often find them pickled in brine or Salt. The green peppercorn tends to be Plus Tart than the black variety, but it has some heat. [1] Its flavor lends itself well to very light sauces or fish dishes, where black peppercorns may be too intense in flavor.

Green peppercorns are used in French and Thai cuisine and are a popular and easy to find ingredient in Southeast Asia and India. However, if you live elsewhere, you may need to go to a specialty. spice Store to find them. There are some others spices it will work just as well, like the white peppercorn, the capers, the pink peppercorns and the green olives among others.

White grain pepper

The white pepper grains come from the same plant (Piper Negrum) As black and green peppercorns. They are the fully mature. berries From the plant they are soaked to eliminate the black shells. This removes most of the heat of the berry, leaving a pepper grain with a very mild flavor. The white peppercorn is a popular way to get the complexity of the Pepper Taste without the heat. [2] This is the closest substitute to the green peppercorn. However, while ground white pepper is easily found, whole white peppercorns may be more difficult to locate.

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The capers are not really the peppers. They are unopened flower buds that are usually pickled to help eliminate some of their natural bitterness. [3] Because of this, capers are known to be salty, with tart citrus Notes Work particularly well on fish dishes.

The capers are the same size and texture as the green peppercorns, but will have more sting in terms of flavor. Use them with moderation, to taste. Too many capers can easily overwhelm a plate with salt.

Pink pepper

The pink peppercorns are the fruit of the Peruvian pepper tree and are completely not related to green, black or white peppercorns. [4] That said, they have a delicate flavor similar to that of green peppercorns and will work well as a substitute in creamy dishes and sauces.


Green olives should be a last resort. They do not have hot spicy hot, but will provide the color of green peppercorns, along with some of the brackish salt flavor. Use the olives with discretion. Chopped green olives can work on certain dishes, specifically cooked or baked recipes, but they should not be used in sauces or delicate dishes such as fish.

The 4 best substitutes for green peppercorns, reference:

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