The 15 best foods rich in calcium

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Eating calcium-Rich foods is one of the best ways to ensure that your body functions normally, especially when it comes to circulation And bone strength, among others.

Role of calcium

Calcium is important because its presence or absence in the body can affect the nervous system, the general state metabolism, muscle contraction and hormone production, as well as nutrient uptake and bone density. Without enough calcium in our blood, the body will begin to bleed from the bones, which accelerates the aging process and increases the risk of osteoporosis. [1] Calcium also plays a key role in the blood. coagulation And in the transfer of messages throughout the body.

When the body detects a lack of calcium, it can take extra calcium from the bones, at the same time that it uses vitamin D to stimulate a greater consumption of calcium in the diet of our meals. We do not produce naturally calcium, so we need to obtain it from our diet, or through supplements. [2] Thus, a deficiency in vitamin D, which our bodies produce when we are exposed to sunlight, can also lead to a calcium deficiency.

Foods rich in calcium

The most notable calcium-rich foods include the following:

Serum protein Raw Beans Milk kale Sardines Yogurt Kefir Broccoli Almonds Watercress cheese Okra Bok Choy Seeds tofu Salmon

We will discuss them in detail below.


Beans All types, including white beans, green beans, And even black-eyed peas contain impressively high calcium levels. [3] Green beans Contain 4% of your daily requirement per cup, white beans offer approximately 15% of your daily requirement per cup, and black-eyed peas offer 40% per cup.

Raw milk

Known as one of the best and cheapest sources of bioavailable Calcium, a single glass of milk can often provide between 25 and 35% of your daily requirement for this critical nutrient, as well as high levels of protein and vitamin D! [4]


Sardines are some of the best sources of calcium in seafood, in large part because you can eat the bones! [5] A single can of sardines can provide more than 35% of your daily intake of this mineral that improves bones.

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Although it is not the most common leafy green to add to a salad, a single cup of this plant with high nutrient content can provide 4-5% of your daily calcium needs. [6]


Made from several types of milk, cheese is equally rich in calcium, although it is not as high as drinking pure and raw milk. That go from From Parmesan cheese to Brie, a single ounce of cheese can have 5 to 35% of your daily calcium needs, but the average for most cheeses is around 20%. [7]

Bok Choy

This popular Asian vegetable is densely compacted with many nutrients, including approximately 7% of the calcium needed for the day in a single cup. [8] He is also rich in vitamin C Y Vitamin A, which can further strengthen the bones and the absorption of nutrients.


A single cup of okra provides approximately 8% of your daily calcium requirement, but it also offers high levels of calcium. fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and Vitamin A.


Seeds are perhaps the most overlooked sources of calcium in your diet. If you they're eating Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds or sunflower Seeds, the concentrated amounts of calcium can vary from 3 to 15% of your daily calcium requirements in a single spoonful. [9]


Nuts They are also great sources of minerals and beneficial fatty acids; Almonds offer an amazing 25% of your daily requirement Of this mineral in a single cup. [10] However, excessive consumption of nuts can lead to a high cholesterol levels and weight gain, so use this calcium booster in moderation.

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Whey protein

Whey is a type of protein found in milk and separated into a dietary supplement. A tablespoon of whey protein isolate powder contains approximately 20% of your calcium needs per day, so add a tablespoon to your shake the next morning to keep your calcium levels high.


Leafy green vegetables They are legendary for their mineral content, and the calcium level of kale is no exception. [11] A cup of kale, which is much less than what you would include in a typical salad, provides 10% of your calcium for the day.


Kefir milk is milk treated with certain bacteria Crops to change the flavor and profile of nutrients. a 6-ounce serving of this powerful drink Offer 20% of your calcium needs.


A cup of yogurt, which could start your morning With, it can contain up to 30% of all the calcium you will need for the day. [12]


A famous vegetarian Y vegan replacement For example, tofu offers a whopping 85% of your daily calcium needs per cup, making it one of the best calcium-rich foods on the market. [13]


Like other sources of seafood, this fatty fish is rich in calcium, since it offers more than 20% of your daily calcium requirement in a can of canned salmon.

The 15 main foods rich in calcium, reference:

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