The 13 main health and beauty benefits of Kombucha tea, juice and drink

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Have you ever heard of kombucha? [1]? This is a type of fermented drinks. Sometimes, it is known as kombucha mushroom. But in fact, there are no fungi related to kombucha. And there are many tastes that you should try to drink kombucha. However, do you want to know what are the benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink that you can receive after drinking? If your answer is affirmative, it's time to relax and read this article on our page That will present you several benefits of this wonderful beverage.

The 13 best health and beauty benefits of Kombucha tea, juice and drink

Before talking about the benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink, let's first talk about your nutrition.

I. Nutritional value of kombucha

It is said that kombucha contains a large amount of yeast, as well as bacterial species with several amino acids, polyphenols and organic acids. [2]. On top of that, kombucha can also give you lots of vitamins and minerals. They are vitamin B1 which is also called thiamine, vitamin B2 which is also called riboflavin, vitamin B3 which is also called niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, which is also called folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C, etc. In addition, it will provide you with several healthy chemical constituents such as acetic acid, lactic acid, oxalic acid, single acid, gluconic acid, etc.

Now let's discover the benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink for your health and beauty that you can get after consuming it.

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Health and beauty benefits of Kombucha

1. Detoxification

Do you know that kombucha contains an incredible ability to cleanse your body? This is due to its strong glucuronic acid detoxifier. This type of acid can help bind the toxins that enter your liver and can also help eliminate it from your body through the kidneys. In addition, kombucha can help decrease the burden on your pancreas, along with maintaining your healthy liver. In addition, kombucha can inhibit the bad influence that comes from pollution and is caused by things like heavy metals, pesticides, resins, plastics and petroleum products.

2. Benefits of Kombucha – Antioxidant Power

benefits of kombucha tea

In the list of the wonderful health benefits of kombucha, if the antioxidant power is not mentioned, it must also be a big mistake. Thanks to the abundant amount of strong antioxidants and organic acids such as glucuronic acids [3] contained in kombucha, it is said to be beneficial to protect your body from oxidative damage. As you can see, antioxidants play an important role in neutralizing the influence of the oxygen-free radical. Therefore, your body can be repaired and protected from inflammations, as well as related diseases.

3. Hepatoprotective qualities.

Another advantage that is also listed as one of the best benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink are the protective qualities against hepato. [4]. According to a study that was carried out to investigate kombucha, it has been shown that tea made from kombucha can help recover glutathione levels, along with the decrease in induced hepatotoxicity. In addition, according to another study comparing kombucha tea with black tea, it has been shown that kombucha tea is more effective in giving us liver protection against toxicity, which is attributed to the antioxidant power of kombucha.

4. Benefits of Kombucha – Prevent cancer

Nowadays, the number of patients suffering from any type of cancer is increasing. That's why they often discover the path that can help prevent this serious disease. Some people usually follow the chemical treatment, but others have natural treatments. As for natural treatments to prevent cancer, kombucha is one of them. The reason why kombucha can help prevent it is glucaric acid, along with the detoxification qualities. When you use kombucha regularly, it can help prevent the development of several types of cancer, such as breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.

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5. Antimicrobial effects

If you are looking for the health benefits of kombucha, antimicrobial effects are your desired response. Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of kombucha, in general, and tea of ​​kombucha, in particular, it is very beneficial in the fight against a large number of pathogens. In addition, some researchers have found that acetic acid and different antimicrobial components [5] which are contained in the kombucha can help to give your body a protection against microorganisms such as Helicobacter pylori, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogens, Salmonella enteriditis, as well as Staphylococcus epidermis.

6. Benefits of Kombucha – Prevent diabetes

Like cancer, diabetes also becomes more and more popular today. That is why people with this disease or are not looking for the way to prevent it. In fact, it is believed that some types of beverages, including kombucha, can help solve this problem because they can function as a natural therapeutic agent. Or, in simple words, it can help destroy the factors related to the conditions of diabetes. For more details, in a study in which kombucha tea is compared to black tea, it has been shown that kombucha tea contains some properties that can prevent diabetes and lower blood glucose levels better than tea black. In addition, he has also recommended that kombucha tea be very effective in curing the action on the pancreas of people with diabetes. In addition, it is said that kombucha can protect the functions of the kidneys and the liver by decreasing the concentration of urea, along with the different harmful activities that occur in the plasma membrane.

7. Treat arthritis

benefits of kombucha drink

Treating arthritis is also one of the incredible benefits for the health and beauty of tea, juice and kombucha drink that you should know. As mentioned earlier, in Kombucha, you can easily find a compound called glucosamine. In general, glucosamine is generally used to prevent or treat any type of arthritis. In addition to that, this compound also helps to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid that can help maintain the structure of the cartilage, in addition to relieving the pain caused by arthritis or related to this disease. In addition, hyaluronic acid can help decrease free radical damage, as well as protect joint lubrication and elasticity by allowing the connective tissue to combine related moisture.

8. Benefits of Kombucha – Maintain cholesterol levels

Another of the incredible health benefits of kombucha is maintaining cholesterol levels in your body. According to the research that was carried out to learn about kombucha, some evidence has been provided about the anti-lipidaemic properties found in kombucha. It is said that these properties can help decrease the absorption of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) while increasing the level of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) in your body.

9. Treat gastric ulcers

If you have gastric ulcers, why do not you try using the kombucha? It can give you quick relief from the discomfort caused by this disease. And according to a study that investigates this problem, it has been shown that there are many antioxidants and phenols in kombucha. Both play an essential role in the protection of mucin content in gastric tissues, together with the reduction of excessive secretion of gastric acids. In another investigation that investigated the same subject, it has recommended that kombucha, in general, and kombucha, in particular, have the same effect in the treatment of gastric ulcers as the commercially available medication, which is omeprazole. That is the reason why the treatment of gastric ulcers is also mentioned as one of the best health and beauty benefits of kombucha.

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10. Benefits of Kombucha – Maintain cellular health

In the list of the fantastic benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink that you should know, keeping your cell phone healthy is one of them. And there is a study that was implemented to find out how kombucha can maintain the health of your cell. According to the same, kombucha tea contains the protective effects that can combat harmful cytotoxicity. In addition, this study has also shown the optimistic results of the factors associated with the fall of cellular toxins. [6].

11. Aid in digestion

If you are looking for something about the health benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink, digestion should be one of your desired responses. Actually, the kombucha drink can help improve your healthy digestion. Why is it said that way? The reason is that it can work like the probiotic portion. As you can see, probiotics can help maintain intestinal health, in addition to relieving a large number of abdominal disorders, such as symptoms of diarrhea and chronic constipation. Besides that, in kombucha, there are several digestive enzymes that can help increase the influence of glucuronic acid, as well as to break down proteins, along with saccharides. Therefore, your digestive system is made to be more effective.

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12. Boost the strongest immune system

health benefits of kombucha

As you can see, the immune system is very important for the body. As mentioned earlier, there are many antioxidants in the kombucha [7]. And these antioxidants help strengthen your immune defense, along with the promotion of energy levels. Meanwhile, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties help fight many viral and bacterial infections. According to the research, it has been shown that drinking kombucha is a good way to recover the immune system that has been compromised previously. If you do it regularly, it also helps you improve your body's protective mechanism.

13. Benefits of Kombucha – Anti-aging

When talking about the benefits of tea, juice and kombucha drink, it must be said that anti-aging is one of them. If you drink this beverage more often, it will help keep your skin elastic and well hydrated. In addition, the softness, tone and texture of your skin improve when you drink kombucha tea. In case you see that your face has fine lines or wrinkles, it is a good idea to take it because it can help reduce them. In addition, kombucha also helps you deal with these problems, such as acne, rashes, warts, psoriasis, boils, eczema and different fungal infections.

There are many benefits of kombucha that are mentioned above; however, there are also some side effects of kombucha that you may have when consuming it. In some cases, it can cause allergic reactions, such as inflammation and upset stomach. If you make kombucha tea in poor condition, it may not be clean and spoiled. In that case, it is very harmful to your health. Besides that, pregnant women are not recommended to use this drink because it contains not only sugar but also caffeine. As you have known, both ingredients should be limited to someone in pregnancy. Also, if you use a ceramic teapot to prepare kombucha tea, you can get poisoned. Sometimes, you may suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort with symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, nausea and jaundice. And if you have these symptoms after drinking kombucha, you should go to the nearest hospital for a medical check-up or get the doctor's advice. When you do that, you can stay away from serious conditions.

Also, kombucha is still a good drink for you. However, do you know how you can continue to achieve it? If you do not know, here is the detailed instruction for you.

Step 1: Purify each tool and carefully wash your hands Step 2: Prepare a mixture of green tea or white tea with black tea. Sometimes, you can only use black tea. But sometimes, you can use the herbal tea mix with black tea. Step 3: Prepare the tea by pouring the hot water into a teapot that stores the tea mixture. Step 4: Add a cup of sugar to the teapot. Step 5: Let it cool and then put it in a larger jar. You should use the glass jar. Step 6: Add a cup of fresh kombucha. Step 7: place the SCOBY carefully on top of this mixture. In case the bottle and the SCOBY have a different size, do not worry about that because the SCOBY will be developed to fill the bottle when the fermentation begins. Step 8: Take a cloth or cheesecloth with a rubber hand to cover the jar. Step 9: Put it at room temperature for 7 to 12 days. Step 10: Remove the SCOBY, along with a full cup of kombucha, from the bottle so you can start a new batch by repeating step 1 to step 9. Step 11: Put the complete kombucha in the bottles and add frozen fruit or fresh fruit or organic juice, depending on what you have if this finished frothy drink becomes what you want. Step 12: Cover the bottles well and let them rest for more than 2 days until you see that they are completely carbonated.

Step 13: Place these bottles in the refrigerator until you consume them.

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