The 13 best substitutes of onion powder

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Often, before cooking a dish, mise en place It is a technique used by chefs from all over the world to enjoy the art of cooking without having to look for ingredients in the middle of the kitchen. While onion dust or granulated The onion is available, if it is missing, use a substitute onion powder from the list below and continue cooking that delicious dish.

Powdered onion substitutes

A whole onion is a good substitute for onion powder. Other alternatives include onion flakesonion Salt, grated onion, shallot, chives, and vegetables I like it celery Y fennel. [1]

Whole onion

A whole onion is a fresh substitute for the onion powder in your recipe. The standard amount to follow is 3 tablespoons chopped onion per 1 teaspoon onion powder. The use of raw onions can also mean that bite in the spicy flavor, so here's a quick tip; for a cooked dish, use onions since the cooking process will soften the flavor; For sauces, curries, creams or stews, select a sweet onion variety, such as Bermuda, as it has a milder flavor.


In the absence of substitutes related to onion, do not hesitate to take some fennel of celery Bulbs to add aromatic flavor to your curries, stews and soups. These vegetables Not only do they form good substitutes for the onion, but they also add additional texture and flavor to your dish.

Onion flakes

The onion flakes are the dehydrated Shape of onion and have a mild flavor. your New York Pizza style sauce will taste heavenly with these flakes. You can also use a processor to crush these flakes if you are looking for a texture like onion powder. They also make a great substitute for granulated onions.

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Onion salt

Onion salt is a combination of salt and onion powder. Using it in your recipe will replace both onion powder and salt. Adobo, sauces and rubs taste better when they are prepared with onion salt.

Striped onion

Grated onions are the best substitute for onion powder if you are preparing curries, sauces, sauces or gravy. Grated onions comprise almost 85% of water, which is actually an advantage when preparing recipes that require water. To make onion paste or onion juice, you just have to process the grated onion (add a little water for the onion juice) and there you have another substitute of onion powder.


When preparing salads or Asian recipes, chives can be mixed perfectly as it is an excellent substitute for onion powder. They add a soft and crunchy flavor to your plate.

Garlic salt

Garlic salt or Garlic The powder can be used in marinades or rubs as a substitute for onion powder for spicy taste. The flavor may differ, but garlic powder has its own unique flavor that makes any preparation delicious


You can use shallots As an alternative to onion powder. They can be used in the preparation of several dishes if your kitchen is out of onion powder.

Other alternatives

exist Many other food Items to complement your dish in the absence of onion powder and its nearby substitutes. [2]

Mushroom (for a umami flavor) Mustard Pepper Horseradish Leek

The 13 main substitutes for onion powder, Reference:

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