The 12 best sexual positions for a better pleasure

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We do not underestimate it, but sex is the best thing two people can do together. Sex is the epitome of sharing. This is how we show ourselves the supreme love and how we connect at the deepest level. It's how we get undressed in front of others physically and emotionally.

It goes without saying that a lot of time and research is devoted to exposing this topic. With each dawn, new forms emerge, new styles and toys, devices and tools, all oriented to make sex more pleasant. If we had to cover every sexual position, we would be here all day. Instead, here are the 12 best sexual positions that guarantee maximum pleasure.

The spider

The spider is positively delicious. Start with the two in a crab pose. Inch one towards the other until achieving penetration. The woman's hips should be between your legs; Your legs should be open so that your feet are out of your hips. Tilting your elbows back, swing back and forth. A slight variation of the spider would involve the woman's legs on your shoulders. Using her hands and legs as support, she would grind her pelvis over yours.

The wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is not for the faint of heart or for that matter. It is a playful sexual exercise that should only be attempted if you are fit enough. The wheelbarrow begins with the woman bent at the waist with her elbows resting on the edge of the bed or on the floor. The man should stand behind her and lift her by the hips until they are aligned pelvis to pelvis. For greater stability, the woman should wrap her legs around the man's waist.

The spoon

The spoon is one of the most familiar and emotional love techniques. Start with the two lying sideways with her with her back to you. Have her raise her upper leg to facilitate penetration. Once that is accomplished, and the reverse and forward begins, she must press her thighs together. This increases the feeling for both. You can lean on your elbow to kiss or massage your breasts. This technique is perfect for a prolonged session of love, as it is not exhausting.

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Knees together

The Kneel Together is a modified version of puppy style. Some people prefer this style because it feels more intimate and leaves hands free to stimulate your partner or yourself. In Kneel Together, the man enters the woman from behind as he would with a doggy style, then both sit down straight again. Sexual relationships can be pushed by man or turned by women. A combination of both is a sure way to make both speak in tongues!


Getting up is also known as the ballet dancer. This position is commonly used for quickies in small spaces or outdoors. Standing facing each other. The woman should lift one leg to place it around her waist or buttocks. She will have control of getting up by the leg that is standing. You can hold your leg up if you feel that you are getting tired or if it is super light lifting it off the ground and having both legs wrapped around your waist.

Lap dance

The dance back is one of the unique techniques of making love there. Start with the guy sitting comfortably in a chair or sofa with legs apart. Then, the woman leans toward his erection, either facing him or moving away from him, depending on the level of intimacy they want the session to have. Then she can begin to grind it or bounce up and down, her choice.

The stopperage

The Stopperage is also known as the position of the lounger. This style allows a super deep thrust with a lot of eye contact. It is without a doubt one of the positions of "I am in love with you". With the woman on her back, place a pillow under her buttocks to elevate her pelvic area. Kneel between your legs with your hands under your arms and make your knees go up to your breasts. This style gently bends the lady, which shortens and tightens her vagina. Immerse yourself in it and go to the city!

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The speed limit

The Speed ​​Bump is quite simple but fascinating in its achievements. The woman lies face down with her back arched and her hips slightly raised. If lifting the hips is difficult or tired, you can place a cushion under your pelvic area to achieve the increase. The man hovers over her with his hands on either side of his shoulders. Pushing up and down instead of going in and out is likely to accelerate orgasms for both partners.

Tighten tight

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