The 10 strangest marriages around the world.

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The 10 strangest marriages around the world.

Then you thought you knew which are the rarest marriages in the world. No, that was not unusual when the boyfriend came by helicopter and no, it was not even strange when the bride came with jeans instead of a dress. Well, prepare as in this post, we are going to share some real strange marriages that have happened all over the world. Some of them will have fun, others will surprise you and others will make you think, why?

Marriage with animals

You may have heard that in the Hindu religion, people marry trees as a kind of superstition. That was somehow acceptable. But what happens if people start to marry animals and, say, say snake or a cat or a dolphin?

10.) A woman who marries Snake: In a small town in Orissa, India, something strange happened. An unusual marriage took place in 2006 with more than 2000 people as guests. It all started when Bimbala Das, 30, said he had fallen in love with a snake and both have a peculiar way of connecting. According to her, the snake will always come out of its anthill when she offers him milk. Even the villagers supported her and organized a big party, as they thought it would bring good fortune to the people. Although, the snake was not there when he got married, instead a bronze replica of a snake was used. The marriage lasted an hour and was completely Hindu by using mantras.

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9.) A man who marries a cat: It all happened when a fifteen-year-old cat named Cecilia fell ill and her teacher decided to take her to the hospital. Now, when Mr. Mitzscherlich, owner of the cat, came to know that his cat suffers from asthma and will not live long, he decided to marry her. Since, a registrar was not ready to do this, an actress was hired to officiate. The real beauty of this unusual marriage is that the bride even wore a white dress.

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8.) Dolphin: You did not expect a dolphin, right? It happened in 2006, in Israel, when Sharon Tendeler married a dolphin named Cindy. The proper votes were exchanged and the kiss also took place. Why this happened, nobody knows.

7.) Married to a dog.: The dog is considered as the best friend of man. They are faithful and loyal. But does that mean they can be married? It happened in Australia when Joseph Guiso decided to marry his female Labrador, called Honey. Not only this. Emily Mabou from Ghana married her dog in an appropriate ceremony, attended by local priests and villagers.

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Marriage with things

When it came to animals, it made sense that animals had feelings. The love for animals is completely understood. But, what if people start getting married, things like saying the Eiffel Tower?

6.) Marriage with the Eiffel Tower: No, we are not kidding when we say that Erika Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower in 2007 and even changed her last name to show her love. This was not the first time he showed interest in objects. Before, at the Eiffel Tower, it was his bow with whom he was in a relationship. Currently, she is happily married and runs a web community for people who are attracted to objects.

5.) Marriage with truck: You may have to read the title of the publication, since it says that the strangest marriages happened all over the world. And this is perfectly weird. Maria Griffin, from California, married a Ford truck after claiming she had her first orgasm while thinking about the famous Chrysler building. It was not marriage, the "couple" went on a honeymoon and according to Maria, and her sex life is healthy. Hope for?

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4.) Marriage with the Berlin Wall: Things got weirder when Eija-Ritta Berliner-Mauer decided to marry the famous Berlin Wall. Even his surname means Berlin wall in German. She was the first person to openly show love for objects and she was the one who coined the term Objectum-Sexuality, which means love for objects. Although, the wall has been destroyed, but she still maintains the model of the wall with her. True love, right?

3.) Marriage with pillow: A Korean man, Lee Jin-gyu married his pillow that had an image of the popular anime character. A special wedding dress was designed for the "bride" and the local priest and the villagers attended the wedding.

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2.) Marriage with character of game: We all love the characters in the game. But does that mean we can marry them? A Japanese married Nene Anegasaki, a character in the game of the Nintendo DS game. He married the character of the game in a proper legal ceremony and is now happily married.

1.) Marriage with dead girlfriend: Most of the earlier weird marriages are fun or shocking, but this one is really serious. Chadil Deffy and Sarinya Kamsook were dating together until Sarinya died in a car accident in 2012. To show how much Chadil loves her, she decided to marry her dead girlfriend. The wedding ceremony took place at the same time as the funeral and was even loaded on social networks. True true love

This was all about most of the strange marriages that took place around the world. Let us know which is the weirdest.

The 10 rarest marriages in the world.

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