The 10 best home remedies for body odor

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What is body odor?

The smell of the skin is a daily problem that everyone faces. Antiperspirants and deodorants are chemicals that many of us use to combat sweat problems and control body odor. These highly publicized products with pleasant fragrances often come with harmful substances that can block the sweat glands or cause side effects on the delicate skin. There are some effective methods in nature's store to eradicate body odor effectively and without damaging the body.

What causes body odor?

The armpits and the genitals are areas of the body that are filled with numerous apocrine glands that secrete sweaty greasy substances in which the bacteria grow, producing a deep pungent aroma. The humid and warm environments help the growth of bacteria and fungi, providing perfect temperatures to multiply. Some conditions such as stress, anxiety, menstruation in women and anger cause an increase in sweating and, therefore, more odor. Some foods that are high in sulfur, such as garlic and onions when consumed at high temperatures, can make body odor stronger. Deficiency of some nutrients. It can hinder enzymatic activities in digestion, which in turn result in a strong body odor. The remedies available naturally for body odor eliminate the odor that causes microbes, restore body enzymes and regulate sweating; Keeping the skin clean and healthy.

Home remedies for body odor

Proper cleaning: bathing and proper body cleansing are necessary to prevent the growth of malodorous microorganisms. Bath at least once a day and dry properly. Humid environments are the most suitable for bacterial growth. You can use a few drops of essential oils in bath water such as lavender, jasmine or rosemary for a fragrant day without sweat naturally.

White vinegar: vinegar reduces the pH of the body that prevents bacteria from multiplying, as they can not survive in an acidic environment. The application of vinegar with a cotton ball soaked in the armpits will leave your armpits fresh and free of bacteria. Use it after showering and do not apply deodorant after showering. Or you can add a few drops of white vinegar in the bath water and rinse your armpits with it. Do not apply it on recently shaved skin, as it will cause a burning sensation.

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Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel works exactly like vinegar, lowering body pH and, therefore, restricting bacterial growth. Apply directly to underarms or spray a diluted underarm solution to get less sweaty and odorless armpits. Deodorant can be applied after washing with it.

Lemon: For people who are not satisfied with the results of tanning or vinegar, try the lemon! Rub the lemon directly into your armpits and then rinse it with cold water, or mix a little lemon juice in the bath water to get a fresh, deodorized body. Lemon juice when mixed with baking soda reduces chronic body odor considerably. It is a good remedy for those who sweat a lot or work in hot environments. Make a paste, apply it before bathing and then rinse. The lemon causes a sharp feeling in the shaved skin, so be careful when using it.

Lemon for body odor

Tea tree oil: tea tree oil is derived from the tea tree and has a strong antiseptic nature. It is this antibacterial activity of it and the sweet smell it possesses that can be used as a deodorant effectively. Tea tree oil removes bacteria from the body and provides healthy skin. In addition, it is not acidic in nature because it can also be used on genitals. Mix a few drops with water and rinse your body with it. Apply it 2-3 times a day in case of persistent moisture odors. Patch test before using it on the whole body.

Wheat grass juice: drink wheatgrass juice On an empty stomach it can relieve you of the strong smells of the body. However, it should be taken in small quantities diluted first because it has a strong flavor and can give an unpleasant sensation. Mix 2 teaspoons of wheatgrass juice in 1 cup of water and drink every morning.

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Wheat grass juice for body odor

Homemade deodorants: a mixture of 4-5 essential oils can act as homemade deodorant that leaves your body fragrant, without sweat and fresh. Mix the essential oils of lavender, sage, tea tree, pine and cilantro. Add witch hazel and fill it in a spray bottle. Use this natural remedy every day instead of harmful chemical deodorants.

Green vegetables work: it is found that chlorophyll has deodorizing properties. Green leafy vegetables which are rich in chlorophyll regulate the levels of fat in the sweat produced, thus reducing body odors. Including green foods like cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard and kale eradicates the underlying cause of bad body odor. Or take a parsley tea daily to reduce body odor significantly.

Natural fiber clothing: it is recommended to use light clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton, silk or jute, which are not too tight. Synthetic polymer clothing does not allow air to pass through them, making it impossible to reach internal areas such as the armpits and groin. The cotton clothing is breathable that allows air flow and, therefore, the armpits and other areas are dry and without moisture. This reduces bacterial growth and therefore body odor.

A healthy diet guarantees proper digestion: it may seem strange at first to compare digestive health with body odor. However, in some cases, a change in food intake can eliminate bad body odor. The depletion of the necessary digestive enzymes, such as monooxygenases, can cause bad body odor. A diet rich in Probiotic foods help keep the intestine healthy and maintain all the enzymes necessary for the proper digestion of food.

Healthy diet for proper digestion

Some changes in lifestyle and follow a routine of natural hygiene could help greatly to control body odor and relive a lost confidence. Follow these simple tricks for home and face the world with pride, of course!

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