Teeth whitening using natural forms

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Do they force you to hide your teeth while posing for photos due to yellow teeth? It is true that nobody likes yellow teeth. But the other factor is that nobody wants the expensive bills from the dentist along with their new white teeth. Money is not the only problem. This tooth whitening technique can even damage your teeth. Therefore, it is better to try natural teeth whitening techniques before looking for a dentist.

Some natural tips to whiten your teeth.

Here are some natural teeth whitening techniques that you can try at home without big expenses.

Brush after every drink or meal

Washing your teeth after drinking or eating something is not easy, and it is even difficult depending on where you are at that moment. Most foods do not stain teeth. But those who drink more coffee or smoke continuously, may experience yellow teeth. If this is the case, you should clean your teeth every three months and try these natural remedies.

Hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate

Many people agree that hydrogen peroxide is an excellent natural teeth whitening technique. It is an antibacterial agent and works as a total cleanser of the mouth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide keeps the mouth free of germs. Make a paste by mixing a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Baking soda has a gritty character like sandpaper. So, if you do not add enough hydrogen peroxide to the paste, you can rub the enamel on your teeth. The paste must be in liquid form without being sandy.

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Olive oil

Olive oil is good for dental care and can be used as a teeth whitening agent. It can be applied in two ways. Pour a few drops of olive oil on your toothbrush and just paint it. You can also rub your teeth with a clean cloth after dipping your corner in olive oil. Many people attest that their teeth are bleached when using olive oil. It does not hurt to try this natural remedy.


Make a strawberry paste by crushing them. Apply this paste to your teeth with a finger or with a clean and soft toothbrush. Wash everything thoroughly after leaving the pasta for 2-5 minutes. Do not forget to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Repeat this method every time, as it will take a few days for it to work.

Apple cider vinegar, lemon or orange peels, peel skin fibers and rubbing with charcoal are also other important methods for whitening teeth. Making toothpaste at home at home by adding a good brand of mouthwash is a good remedy for colored teeth.

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