Tea with pine needles – A natural winter gift (recipe)

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During the winter season, when you are "attacked" by colds, flu, or viral respiratory infections, pine needles are a natural healthy gift and an extremely pleasurable experience. Pine needle tea is a popular remedy and has been used for hundreds of years thanks to its fresh aroma and medicinal properties.

Tea with pine needles - A natural winter gift (recipe)

Pine Needle Tea – Recipe

Those who do not know much about medicinal plants should be aware of the fact that pine needles can be consumed in an extremely tasty and healthy tea. Each type of pine has its unique aroma, so you can try different combinations, depending on the flavor.

– Choose a handful of green pine needles from the top of the branches. The younger the needles, the more nutrients they have. Be sure to collect your pine needles from uncontaminated areas.

– Remove the paper-like coating from the needles and clean them of all impurities. Cut the needles into small pieces.

– Let boil 1 cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of the chopped pine needles. Let the mixture boil with a lid for about 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the tea infuse a little more until it cools and you can drink. Most needles should be at the bottom of the cup and the water should have a reddish color.

– You can consume this tea several times a day to benefit from its properties. Make sure it is fresh every time you consume it. You can also add lemon juice and a little honey.

– Add the rest of the pine needles in your bath water to relieve joint pains, muscle strains, colds and dislocations.

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Pine needles contain large amounts of vitamin A and 4 to 5 times more vitamin C than orange juice. Pine needle tea is a great expectorant and decongestant agent. It can also be used externally for local baths, thanks to its antiseptic properties. It has powerful properties of immunological stimulation, so it can also be used preventively.

– Cardiovascular diseases

– Clean the intestines.

– Varicose veins

– Tuberculosis

– Muscular fatigue

– incipient cancer

– Sclerosis

– Gangrena

– weak eye nerves

– Renal disorders.

Pine needle tea is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


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