Taking antibiotics too often is bad for your health? (Consultation of the disease)

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Do you wonder if you should take antibiotics or not? Well, here is the definitive answer to help you decide.

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AntibioticsMy mother keeps taking antibiotics for every little cold and flu attack she has. I've heard it's bad to do it. How exactly is harmful and when should antibiotics be used?

The ongoing war on antibiotics and the term "antibiotic resistance" have scared everyone by the use, overuse and misuse of antibiotics. It is true that antibiotics are not needed every time you suffer from a cold and cough, but the symptoms should not be ignored to the extent that the infection gets worse. Antibiotics are really a blessing for medical science because they have the ability to stop infections and can save lives in many cases, but in some circumstances their use could cause more harm than good. This is why:

Lead to resistance to antibiotics in the causative organism: Antibiotics work by attacking the outer shell of a bacterium (which is the most common method), when it does not complete its cycle of antibiotics or eat them indiscriminately, the bacteria that commonly cause the infection mutate to produce an outer shell resistant to destruction For the antibiotic. This is dangerous because there are only many antibiotics and if the bacteria become resistant to all of them, we will not have any method to treat bacterial infections.

It can lead to secondary infections in people: The indiscriminate use of antibiotics kills the good bacteria in your body. These bacteria are your natural defense against opportunistic infections. So, by killing these divine bacteria, it is essential that you prepare yourself to get sicker.

Therefore, while having antibiotics under the supervision of a doctor is essential, not eating them at all could cause more problems. To help clear your confusion, here are some ways that can help you determine whether or not you need an antibiotic for your infection.

Do not use them for viral infections: A viral infection, as the name suggests, is due to a virus. Considering the fact that antibiotics are intended only to treat a bacterial infection, it will be ineffective against viruses. In addition, there is currently no cure for viral infections. In fact, if you take antibiotics for viral infections, it increases your chances of developing a bacterial infection that could be resistant to those antibiotics. Read more about How bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics.

How to recognize a viral infection: Common cold or the flu with runny nose and green mucus is a sign of viral infection. The good news here is that minor viral infections resolve on their own, all you need to do is rest well and try something. Natural remedies for the common cold.. You may start to feel better within two weeks if you have the common flu, but if your symptoms get worse, you may have developed a secondary bacterial infection due to weakened immunity. This is a characteristic feature of secondary infections, which must be treated with antibiotics.

Fever is a classic sign of a bacterial infection: If your cold and your cough are accompanied by a high fever and chills, there is a chance you may suffer from a bacterial infection that needs treatment with antibiotics.

Treat cough with antibiotics: Productive cough with thick, yellow-green mucus that does not improve even after 2 weeks should be treated with antibiotics. Read more about Side effects of antibiotics.

Have sore throat? It could be a viral or bacterial infection: Sore throat It is caused by a viral infection and does not need antibiotics. But strep throat is caused by a bacterial infection. Therefore, it is necessary that you take the prescribed dose of antibiotic to eliminate the infection. Try these Tips to treat sore throat.

You may need antibiotic treatment for an ear and sinus infection: Severe sinus infection that lasts 2 weeks or more needs treatment with antibiotics. In addition, some ear infections caused by bacteria are also treated with antibiotics. Here are the Several methods to diagnose and treat sinus infections.

Tips for the use of antibiotics:

Also, be sure to complete your medication course as prescribed. The most important thing is that you do not stop taking them once you start to feel better. This is the main reason for the development of antibiotic resistt bacteria

A proper diagnosis is the only way to determine if you need antibiotics or not. Therefore, do not insist your doctor to prescribe antibiotics unnecessarily. Also, do not reuse leftover medications if you suffer from the common cold or flu in the future. It is better to discard them. Read more about Current status of the use of antibiotics in India.

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Reference: https://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/is-taking-antibiotics-too-often-bad-for-your-health-disease-query/, by Pavitra Sampath

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