Symptoms and treatment of hypothermia

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Hypothermia is a decrease in body temperature to 35 degrees C or less, and can be fatal if it is not quickly detected and treated properly.

While anyone can suffer hypothermia, for older people, the risk is greater because their bodies often do not adapt quickly enough to changes in temperature, and more than that, older people do not always realize when they lose temperature. bodily. The state of hypothermia usually develops over a longer period of time, from several days to several weeks.

Even indoor temperatures of 15 to 18 degrees can cause hypothermia in an older person. If you have older relatives or friends who live alone, encourage them to constantly check if the house temperature is at least 20 degrees, to prevent hypothermia.

What happens in case of hypothermia?

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If the body temperature decreases, the blood vessels on the surface contract to reduce the loss of body heat. The muscles begin to contract to keep warm. If the temperature continues to fall, the person will begin to tremble. The chills will continue until the body temperature drops to about 32-33 degrees. Body temperatures below 32 degrees create a situation that endangers human life.

How is hypothermia manifested?

Signs of hypothermia include memory loss, dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty speaking, change in appearance (swollen, swollen face), weak pulse, slow reactions to stimuli, and very slow and shallow breathing. If the body temperature drops to 30 degrees or less, a person can go into a coma or look like a corpse.

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How to help a person with hypothermia?

If you observe these symptoms in a person, it is really necessary to measure the body temperature. If the temperature is 35 degrees or less, this is safe for hypothermia, immediately call a doctor or ambulance to transport the person directly to the hospital. To avoid loss of body heat, quickly wrap the patient in a warm blanket.

You can apply a hot water bag or an electric blanket (adjusted to the low temperature function) in the person's stomach. If the victim is conscious, feed him and drink small amounts of hot food or drinks.

Rapid heating methods that should not be applied to people suffering from hypothermia.

There are several heating methods that should not apply to a person suffering from hypothermia:

– Do not give him alcohol to drink.
– Avoid the shower or the hot bath, since this could cause a discharge.

In general, do not try to treat cases of hypothermia in the home. People with hypothermia should be treated in a hospital.

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