Swine flu: causes and symptoms

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Swine flu is influenza that had its origin with scoundrel (commonly known as pigs) and is also known as swine flu and swine flu. Initially it was thought that it had first spread to human swine populations farmers or those with close contact with sick animals, this disease It can be deadly, and the fear of a global pandemic has made global governments stand up and pay attention.

What is swine flu?

Is a respiratory Disease caused by H1N1 and H3N2 influenza viruses. Swine flu is essentially normal flu for pigs, and animals get sick, just like humans, but the danger arises when there is a transmission of the virus from pigs to humans. At that time, once someone becomes infected with the flu of another species, it can become a significant risk to health.

It is also the root cause of recent H1N1 scares the world and, although there are many preventive measures, swine flu remains a very real threat. [1] the contagious The element of this flu is particularly frightening, but the real danger is something of a science fiction movie.

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Pigs can harbor both human and avian flu strains, in addition to theirs, which gives the virus a dangerous opportunity to create a mixture of the three that may be impossible (or very difficult) to treat.

In humans, swine flu is transmitted by inhaling or ingesting the virus from the discharge when an infected person sneezes or cough. Contrary to popular belief, it is not transmitted by the consumption of cooked pork products.

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The symptoms

The signs and symptoms of swine flu in humans are like the common flu infections like the next

High fever Toses Nasal download weakness Headaches

In general, it would recover between three and seven days, while the most serious conditions would need nine to ten days to see an improvement.

Swine flu: causes and symptoms, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/swine-flu-symptoms-causes.html

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