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Definitely, swimming is one of the most beautiful and effective sports that can be practiced both in the cool season and on hot summer days, aimed at all ages. From small children who dabble in addition to parents, to the elderly who, although they are difficult to move, go to the pool to feed a part of health, there is nobody who is not welcome in the world of swimming.

Swimming covers the basic needs of human beings in a good state for a complete training of the person in terms of motor, cognitive, emotional, physical condition of the improvement that drives the need to compete or for recreational purposes only. But swimming is not just about these things, it tends to be a basic and special need, like the needs of pregnant women, but also of patients with asthma, epilepsy or any physical or psychological dysfunction.

The biggest advantage of swimming is that the muscles and joints move without having to support any weight, which reduces the tension that existed in their level, which determines a minimum risk in terms of damage or injury. A clear example would be a person whose stress and daily weight, which contributes considerably to the force of gravity, has a great impact on the joints, especially the knees and hips. In water, however, this will not apply, since gravity is completely different.

All sports bring health benefits when practiced correctly. But swimming has, without a doubt, some special benefits that other aerobic exercises do not have. Here are some of them:

– It leads to an incredible cardio-pulmonary resistance;
– Stimulates blood circulation;
– It helps to maintain a stable blood pressure;
– Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease;
– Develop most muscle groups (more than two thirds of the entire muscular surface);
– Strengthens the joint ligaments, avoiding possible damage;
– Improves body posture;
– Develop flexibility;
– Relieve tensions;
– Generates good feelings, positive emotions;
– Help improve anxiety and relieve the symptoms of depression;
– Relax the tone of excess accumulated during the day;
– Stimulates growth and physical and mental development;
– Improves psychomotor development.

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<p>In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of medical specialists who recommended swimming for different therapies. These include:</p>
<p>– Asthma;<br />– Muscle and joint pain;<br />– Herniated disc;<br />– Stress;<br />– Stimulate growth;<br />– controlled weakening;<br />– Physical and motor disabilities;<br />– Autism.</p>
<p>The exercise in the water allows a greater freedom of movement impossible "on land". Water allows movements and positions that can not be done outside. And the exercises in the water have positive psychological effects, because the person is in a ludic environment and with the optimum temperature.</p>
<p>The regular practice of this sport causes the respiratory system to improve elasticity and mobility. As a result, the lungs can capture a large amount of air, which helps the cells of the body to benefit from an increased intake of oxygen. The lungs are elastic bodies, which depend on the good functioning, the capacity of muscular contraction and the relaxation of the chest. These muscles tone up and work more effectively when the exercise is done regularly.</p>
<p>But not only that. Water resistance causes the body to consume more energy to move, molding and shaping and successfully fighting cellulite.</p>
<p> <em>Swimming: sport for body and soul, article source: https://www.brighthealing.com/swimming-sport-for-body-and-soul/</em></p>
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