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It goes in a sugar-Free diet is an easy way to protect yourself against a wide variety of chronic diseases and help you lose weight, but there are some key points you must understand before cutting the sugar out of your life.

What is a diet without sugar?

A sugar-free diet is one that eliminates all sources of added sugar and hidden sugar, while reducing the intake of simple foods. carbohydrates. On average, Americans consume more than 350 calories value of sugar every day, which can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart Illness and chronic inflammation, as well as poor immune function. [1] Some people think that a sugar-free diet means the complete elimination of all sugars, but that is not the case. Complex carbohydrates like grains or fruit they should be reduced, but they do not need to be eliminated completely.

The problem with eliminating sugar from your diet is that the body craves that sweet substance, because it provides a simple and easily accessible form of energy. To counteract these not wanted Symptoms and cravings, your dietary choices should be carefully considered, and should mainly include proteinhealthy fats, highfiber foodand sourfermented the food [2]

How does a diet without sugar work?

A sugar-free diet works because it prevents your blood sugar levels from rising as much when you eat. Most of the foods that are eliminated in this diet. They are considered high-glycemic Foods, which have a strong effect on blood sugar and glucose. [3] By replacing them with low glycemic index foods, many of which are more complex in terms of digestibility, you can really improve your metabolic evaluate, increase feelings of fullness and change to more impactful forms of energy production within the body (proteins and fats). metabolism).

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Sugar-free diet plan

In a sugar-free diet plan, there are certain key foods that should be avoided, some that should be included, and some of them should be consumed in moderation, such as citrus fruits.

Foods to Eat

Foods rich in fiber (broccoliBrussels cabbages, Chia seeds, berries, the tomatoes, black beans, Quinoaoats Integral riceHealthy fats (olive oil, walnuts, cashew nuts, Pumpkin seeds, fed with grass Butter, avocados) Sour foods (kombucha, Sauerkrautnatto tempeh pickles, tofu, Apple cider vinegar, lemon Juice) Proteins (lean beef fed grass, chicken, whey protein, bone broth, lentils, Beans, Salmon, eggsraw cheese)

The foods that should be avoided

Processed foods, junk food, desserts, sweets, sweets Products made with refined grains, mainly white flour, sodas and sweetened. drinks All kinds of cane sugar and table sugar.

Benefits of a sugar-free diet

Diet can be a challenge for some people, but it has many powerful benefits.

Can lead to weightloss and a lower risk of diabetes. By preventing Obesity and the prevention of spikes and falls in blood sugar, will have a lower risk of metabolic metabolism. disorder. [4] Your energy levels will also be more stable throughout the day, as foods on a sugar-free diet take longer to digest. When it comes to digestive health, reducing sugar and empowering High fiber foods will help to cure irritable bowel syndrome, swelling, Crohn's disease, candida and many others infections or bacterial overgrowth. [5] This sugar reduction diet has also been linked to a lower incidence of fatty liver disease and protection against certain forms of Cancer. [6] Inflammation throughout the body can be reduced and nutrient deficiencies can be avoided, as many sugar-free foods are rich in nutrients. It can also be used as a treatment for the candida virus.

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Word of caution

The main problem with a sugar-free diet is the desire to be presented in the first 4 to 7 days. When your body realizes that you are not getting your typical dose of sugar, it could cause mood swings and intense hunger pangs, but stay strong; These symptoms will eventually happen.

Sugar-free diet plan: Benefits and main foods, Reference:

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