Stress can affect your fertility

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STRESS has become the buzzword of modern life; We tend to stress even for the slightest inconvenience and blame it for all our problems, even for making a woman sterile. But is stress really responsible for women who do not conceive?

According to an article published in WebMD News, there is no evidence that the level of stress adversely affects the possibility of a woman becoming pregnant in a single cycle of treatment. According to researcher Jacky Boivin PhD, health psychologist at Cardiff University, "Many people worry that their stress, anxiety, tension and worry may reduce their chances of pregnancy with a specific treatment cycle, but there is no evidence of that. "

However, Boivin and his team do not claim that stress has never affected fertility treatment. According to her, stress can affect the treatment and makes the patient surrender soon. Therefore, women who undergo fertility treatments should try to reduce their stress level.

The amount of stress that really should be blamed for infertility is a question that still needs to be answered appropriately. It is too early to make a decision on whether stress affects fertility or not.

However, stress never allows a healthy and happy life; That is why we must learn to control it. Here are some simple tips to eliminate stress that give good results.

Practice yoga and meditation. Sleep enough. Go on vacation. Read interesting articles, novels or whatever calms your mind. Find a hobby Enjoy the activities that you love. Take refreshing warm water baths and seek professional help.

A happy life is a healthy life. Reduce the stress factor, and for fertility issues; There may be other reasons for this too. A fertility expert can be the best judge, so try to seek professional help.

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