Stages of pregnancy and travel of 9 months.

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Pregnancy is a journey that transforms a woman into a mother

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that takes you from femininity to motherhood. Being a mother is something very special that only a woman can feel, experiencing a life growing inside of you, feeling the movements and making a bond with the baby without even touching it.

For now let's look at this 9-month journey, all stages of pregnancy more clearly.

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First trimester-

The first trimester is very important for all pregnant women, since the risk of miscarriage is always there. The first trimester serves as the sensitive period when the early development of the fetus occurs. The first month has to do with changes in mood and symptoms of pregnancy, the changes begin in the fertilized egg. You miss your period and begin the hormonal changes in the body.

As soon as you get to the second month, your baby's heart forms and starts beating. The first trimester is difficult for all women, nausea, morning sickness, vomiting and all the hormonal changes that begin to occur, which produces serious mood swings.

In the third month, you can now clearly hear your baby's heart. Now you are used to feeling sick and the changes that occur in your body. At the end of the third month the majority of women.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, your body needs many nutrients, so do not skip fruits or salads. Eat healthy to have a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy.

Second quarter-

During the second trimester, one will begin to gain weight and may feel the growth of the lump. The second trimester is also very exciting for pregnant women, as they can now feel the movements of the fetus. Although these movements of the fetus can sometimes cause pain but The sensation of enjoying the movement of the fetus is much more than pain.

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The risk of miscarriage ends with the start of the second trimester.

Pregnancy stages

Third trimester-

Your fetus now has a link with you. He can even recognize voices. The third trimester is the most difficult, since now the excitement of having the baby in your hand grows and waiting another 2 months seem like years. The lump grows and it becomes difficult for you to walk, sit or sleep. Take good care of your posture while sitting or sleeping to avoid back pain. The movement becomes faster and now even your partner can feel the baby kicking. At the beginning of 9thmonth your baby is fully formed, it's time for retouching for the last time, yes, that's for real. Your weight and increase increase very quickly in the last month.

The due date is a mere guess, so do not wait for the baby to come out on the exact date. Labor pains are the signals given by the body that the baby pushes it out and finds the way out.

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Stages of pregnancy and trip of 9 months,

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