Spring detoxification by acupuncture

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According to traditional Chinese medicine, one of the ideal ways to treat health problems is to live in harmony with the environment. This is a treatment that does not involve any medication. Spring is the season of growth, renewal and creativity. To function well, it is extremely important to ensure that the liver and gallbladder function well. This is the season to work on it. According to MTC, the liver and gallbladder ensure a smooth flow of positive energy throughout the body. But unfortunately, people are more prone to low quality foods with fats and chemicals. They resort to unsafe medications and harmful poisonings that lead to inadequate functioning of the liver and gallbladder. It can result in insomnia, depression and inability to make wise decisions. Irritation of anger, we can also experience muscle and joint pain. Spring is the season when the body usually eliminates toxins. Therefore, to eliminate the toxicity of the body, spring is the best season to detoxify.

Benefits of SPRING DETOX

Improves immunity Increases your energy Improves digestion and eliminates excess waste and gives a lighter sensation Anti aging Helps lose weight Improves skin and hair Reduces stress and calms the mind

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