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Not all of us are born with the genes of the right height. If you are also short, you may have been a bit disappointed with your height. But you're not the only one who feels that way. We have too many men who are not very tall and some men and women are quite low who confess to having gone through this "I wish I were taller" syndrome from time to time. After all, height is a trait that comes with many desirable advantages. But, again, even if you really do not have many reasons to grow taller, being tall can generate positive qualities in your character. For example, it is often said that being tall increases your confidence. On the simplest side of life, you do not have to walk around with those high-heeled shoes to look taller or you do not have to climb that wobbly stool to get to the top shelves.

Can you grow taller?

Studies have revealed that most of us stop growing in height after reaching the mid-twenties. Therefore, if you have not yet reached the twenties, it is likely that you can increase the growth plates a little more to become taller. To put it more clearly, you could increase your height a few centimeters more. However, the height of your height will also depend on some factors that will be explained below.

Factors that affect height

There are many factors that play an important role in determining how much you will grow in your stature. Keep reading to know more –

Genetic factors

Inheritance and genes play the most important role in determining your height. But having said that, there is no reason to conclude that a child will grow up to have a short stature if their parents are short or have an average height. Several genes influence height, and that is why it is said to be a polygenic trait. One has a good chance of becoming tall if there are tall members in his family tree, since he could have inherited the high gene. While there is no sure way to calculate what your potential is to grow taller, you can use a formula to estimate the potential for height. The formula is –

Predicted height in inches = {(The sum of the heights of your two parents. + 5 (if you are a child) OR – 5 (if you are a girl)} / two.

The answer you get is your estimated height plus or minus 4 inches. While this is only a rough estimate, it is quite close to the final height you can reach.

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Miscellaneous factors

Several non-genetic factors are also responsible for the height of growth. These factors are determined in an interesting way by the environmental factors that directly affect the individual. Growth in height is generally seen as a healthy sign of growth, and if its rise in height abruptly atrophies, it could indicate the influence of unhealthy factors. One of those causes could be exposure to tobacco smoke when the person was in a fetal state in the mother's womb. The quality of parental or postnatal care can also influence a person's height. Also, if the disease affected an individual during childhood or puberty, it could also stop height growth. It is also often shown that low birth weight is the reason behind the unlikely short stature of a person.

Factors that inhibit height

There are certain elements called growth inhibitors that can prevent you from reaching your potential height. These are usually external factors and, rather, some bad lifestyle practices that can be avoided to help your body grow to its full potential. Two of these standard bad practices include drug and alcohol abuse. Both drugs and alcohol are factors of growth retardation that will keep him from reaching his potential height. If you like steroids at a young age, then be informed that this can also cause a blockage in the healthy growth of your height.

These addictions should be avoided even more in adolescents because these substances tend to impede the development of bones by closing the growth plates. Research has shown that younger children and adolescents, who take asthma medications that contain small amounts of budesonide (a type of steroid), grow an inch longer than their healthier peers of the same age and with the same potentials of height.

Caffeine should also be considered in this regard, since it has been found to be another growth inhibitor in young children. However, it does not directly affect a child. Caffeine works by keeping you awake for a long time. With less sleep, the body can not grow to its full potential and, therefore, caffeine becomes an indirect inhibitor of height. Both young children and adolescents need between 8 and 11 hours of deep sleep for their bodies to develop and grow to their full potential. Too much caffeine can cause one to grow at a short height.

Natural methods of higher growth

Enough sleep

A restful sleep is one of the fundamental factors that influence the healthy growth of a child. Whether it's a small child or a teenager, you need to sleep at least 8 hours in a day. In addition, a total of 11 hours of deep sleep is considered much better to promote the healthy growth of the body. It is during the sleeping process that the body regenerates its tissues and grows. The slow waves along with the deep sleep cycles help to release the human growth hormone that naturally increases the proper height. Therefore, this means that when a child and adolescent get enough sleep, their body is more likely to grow to their maximum potential height.

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There are several ways to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Time management plays an important role here that will help you keep aside enough time for your dream. Secondly, creating an environment conducive to sleep by eliminating strong lights and noise can help induce sleep easily. It is also important that caffeinated beverages are not offered to children and adolescents and, more importantly, at bedtime to deprive them of their precious sleep. On the other hand, however, relaxing teas such as chamomile tea can be taken for a restful and deep sleep.

Balance diet

Eating healthy with a balanced diet plays a crucial role in the healthy growth and development of the body, which directly affect your height. To be able to grow to your full height, just eat healthy foods and stop eating junk food. Get more fish, dairy products, mushrooms, pork, tofu, eggs, alfalfa and all foods fortified with vitamin D.

Exposing yourself to a healthy dose of sunlight also for more of this vitamin. Ensures healthy bone development. Calcium also plays a crucial role in the growth and development of bones. Include cheese, fortified cereals, green vegetables, sardines and soy to get more of this nutrient. Let your body absorb more zinc through peas, eggs, chocolate, oysters and asparagus. Keep in mind that a lack of zinc is often the cause of stunted growth in children.

Also, recharge other essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins. Consult the doctor if you should take nutritional supplements if the food is not enough. Eating three balanced meals in one day and eating healthy snacks increases metabolism and promotes healthy growth

Regular exercise

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