Shaking the salt debate!

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A mineral that has received a lot of bad press, salt is really fundamental for our health. Ironic, is not it? So, why do they lead us to believe that salt is bad? I'm touching the lid on the salt debate.

While swimming in the ocean two weeks ago in Australia, testing the salt water on my lips, it made me think of the organic nature of our bodies. A mass of minerals, salts and nutrients, our physiological needs reflect the earth that surrounds us, and it always amazes me that nature provides us so perfectly in this way.

That's why I felt compelled to shake up the debate over salt after reading another general medical article in the media recently about salt consumption.

So here it is: SAL IS GOOD FOR YOU

Salt? I hear you say Are you sure? And this is where the camp of traditional believers could jump, shouting "NO". IT IS NOT! And they would be right if you were talking about the chemically produced table salt that is added to most processed foods, meats and snacks (which is bad for you). But not me.

I'm talking about real salt – 100 percent natural salt that is extracted from a legitimate natural source and not bleached or processed.

Think Celtic salt, black lava salt. or the mother of all salts, Salt of the Himalayas (or "white gold", as it has been known, although it is actually light pink) consisting of sodium chloride and other 82 minerals in their natural crystalline form.

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Then, why all the confusion?

Because, as usual, when humanity got in the way of nature, things got a bit extravagant, and now nobody knows its good salt from its bad. And as a critical component of our well-being, it is time for us to do so.


"If it's done in the lab, then you need a lab to digest," says Kris Carr of Hungry for the change.

It sounds simple because it is.

As Phillip Day explains in The Essential Guide to Water and Salt, common table salt is a poison, refined from nature's store to eliminate all elements except sodium chloride. It is produced chemically, it is bleached and lacks other trace nutrients that the body needs. It is not happening naturally.

"Drying at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt, causing the possibility of a lot of health problems in your body," confirms Dr. Joseph Mercola.

In fact, when saltwater fish are placed in salt water made with table salt, they die.

Then no. Table salt is not real salt. And the real salt is vital for the body to function properly. Just look at the difference that good salt has against bad salt in your body, and you will see what I mean.

In addition, it has been known that natural salt helps to fight a large number of diseases that include stress, depression, emotional disorders, problems of confidence, muscle weakness, problems of bladder control, diabetes, sleep disorders and possibly cancer.

A recognized leader in health, David Wolfe, He even cites natural salt as one of the main factors in his radical recovery. In overcoming your chronic allergies. "I started drinking salt water every time I felt that I was going back a bit to my allergies, […] and suddenly it would disappear, "he explains.

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Natural salt is very good, it can even cure …

Natural salt is not only an essential component of our existence, it can also help prevent and even cure a series of diseases. I told you it was amazing!

So there you have it. Salt is a mineral so you do not hate yourself, as long as it's the right kind.

What do you think about the great debate about salt? Leave a comment below.

PS: Some detoxification programs, such as Gerson's therapy, use periods of high potassium content and low sodium content in their programs to help with certain disorders. So keep this in mind if you have a serious chronic illness.


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