Secrets to prevent cold in winter

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Have you ever wondered why every winter you feel cold despite the fact that you take vitamin C supplements, eat more naturally and take many preventive aspirins? Sometimes these things are simply not enough. You should bear in mind that your body is subject to constant stress every day, it has more worries than joys, since the air we breathe is not always clean and in your bed there are hidden germs and bacteria that weaken it.

Follow these simple steps to maintain your health every winter, even when the viscosity of the temperature is very low and everyone around you is sick.

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Breathe fresh air every day:

If you live in the city it is quite difficult to breathe perfectly clean air, but even so, the outside air is better than the interior of the house. Ventilate your house every night and mornings, for at least 10 minutes. Open all the windows wide (keep the doors closed) and enjoy the fresh air. Meanwhile, take a short daily walk, even if you do not have a good reason to do so. Cool, cool air will help you feel better and destroy all the germs around you.


Think about the next winter vacation, so try to stop stressing. Do not take into account the badness of others around you, avoid them, do not get angry at work when they get extra tasks and never get angry when your partner or someone in your family makes small mistakes.

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Relax with your loved ones every day, take your pet to make you laugh and meet friends.

Wash your hands often:

When you get home, wash your hands. Do the same when you arrive at the office. Money means transport objects, from door handles to elevators … they are all full of bacteria. It is not necessary to use antibacterial soap, only wash your hands and the area between the fingers, under the nails and even the wrists; using normal soaps is enough to eliminate any bacteria.

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