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The tattoo is one of the most pleasing arts among people. It has no rule since people can get tattooed on any part of their body. In addition to the fact that tattoos cause pain, everyone prefers this skin decoration (temporary or permanent). Sometimes people decide to rush to get a tattoo on their skin, but then it can be unpleasant. However, there are many medical options (laser, cryosurgery, dermabrasion or intense pulse light therapy) and home remedies available for tattoo removal.

1. Lemon

The use of lemon is known as the best method to remove or lighten tattoos. It is a natural bleaching agent due to the natural acids present in it. Their natural detergents clean the ink. It is safe for the skin and also encourages the recreation of skin cells and maintains a healthy and smooth surface. Use lemon juice with salt. It fades the color of the ink and removes the upper or dyed layers of the skin.

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Mix 100 g of salt in the lemon juice to make a thick stuff. Soak a cotton in this mixture and apply it on the printed skin. The skin absorbs it completely. Repeat this action for at least 30 minutes. Now clean your skin by rinsing with warm water. It often causes scars but you do not have to worry about that. These are temporary and do not cause pain.

2. honey

It is a known exfoliant and clarifies and illuminates the skin. It eliminates scars or spots and will also be effective on tattoos. It is fruitful mainly for tattoos of light and small colors. It does not offer injuries or infections, as it has antibacterial properties. Therefore, apply honey several times in the tattoo region of your skin.

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Mix two tablespoons of honey, salt, aloe vera gel and yogurt. Now use this thick pulp on your skin. Continue this procedure for 30 minutes at a time. This remedy also makes your skin glow naturally, bright and free of tattoos.

3. Sand dust and grinding stones

Going to home medicine involves sand dust and grinding stones to get rid of tattoos permanently more efficiently. Highlights the skin cells attached with tattoo ink.

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Mix well and add aloe vera gel to make a thick paste. Then rub this mixture gently on your tattoos and wash them off. A regular operation can permanently remove the tattoo. Typically, it is quite complicated since it hurts your skin. It makes the skin thin and weak. But people opt for this remedy because it is very easy to apply.

4. Aloe Vera

It is used for many skin treatments and in cosmetic products. It is practically viable in tattoos along with Paederia Tomentosa and vitamin E. It is suitable for fresh tattoos that do not have for a prolonged period. In addition, it is accessible to care for and beautify the skin. Makes the ink remain typical on the skin.

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Therefore, prepare a homemade tattoo removal cream by adding a tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera Gel, a tablespoon of Paederia Tomentosa and two vitamin E capsules. Mix and make a thick, smooth paste. Put this mixture in your tattoos for 10 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. Use this remedy at least four times in a day. To obtain quick and positive consequences, continue for several days.

5. lavender oil

Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the best sound tricks to remove tattoos. It provides excellent results and spends less time. Reduces redness of the skin, acne, blemishes, sunburn or wounds. Put it on the skin directly since it is quite safe.

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Take a cotton ball and dip it in the lavender essential oil. Massage gently with it on the tattooed area. It fades and finally removes the tattoo without causing pain or potential damage. Use it twice (morning and afternoon) in one day. It is the remedy that is used most widely among people.

6. salt

Salt is an abrasive material. The substance of sodium and chlorine present in the salt helps to get rid of tattoos permanently. Penetrates deeply into the skin and breaks the structure of the ink. Discard the skin cells associated with the tattoo ink, as it removes the top layer of the skin.

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Add little salt water and soak a sponge in it. Now, rub this sponge on the tattoo for 30 minutes to an hour. Clean the skin with warm water. Using salt is a cheap but effective method to moderate tattoos at home.

7. Condensed milk

It is not a widely known process to remove tattoos using condensed milk. But, ink tattoos are lactose intolerant, since they do not like milk.

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Put condensed milk nest and boil. Let it cool (not quite) and then apply this milk (more than warm) on the skin that has ink with a cotton ball. Rub gently for at least 30 minutes. You will see how your tattoo escapes while the milk repels the ink.

8. Glycolic acid

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