Relationship between palliative care and risk of suicide in patients with cancer.

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A recent study found that palliative care is associated with a lower risk of suicide in veterans diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Palliative care is for the terminally ill and their families, especially those who provide an organized health service.

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Washington DC. [USA] August 12 (ANI): palliative care is associated with a lower risk of suicide in veterans diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer, a new study has found. Palliative care It is for the terminally ill and their families, especially that it is provided by an organized health service.

The study's lead author, Donald Sullivan, said: "The aim of the study was to see if palliative care, which aims to relieve physical pain and discomfort and address psychological problems such as anxiety that diminish people's quality of life with deadly diseases, diseases, reduction of suicide rates among veterans with stage IIIB and IV lung cancer. "

The findings were based on a study of more than 20,000 patients with lung cancer enrolled in a registry of cancer patients of the VA Central Cancer Registry. Of the 20,900 patients with advanced. lung cancer enrolled in the registry, 30 patients committed suicide, a rate more than five times higher than the average among all veterans who use VA medical care of a similar age and gender.

"Suicide is a major national public health problem, especially among patients with lung cancer and among veterans," Sullivan added.

However, when talking about its barriers, he said that several medical societies recommend palliative care for all patients with advanced lung cancer, but there is often a gap between recommendations and practice.

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Sullivan believes that palliative care should be offered to all patients shortly after receiving a diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. The best scenario, he says, is an integrated approach in which patients with serious illnesses receive palliative care while receiving other treatment therapies such as chemotherapy.

The full findings are present in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. (AND ME)

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