Rare items of vegetarian food from around the world

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Rare vegetarian food from all over the world!

One of the things that makes me happy is the ability to explore, cook and try a variety of dishes. I was a vegetarian myself. I wanted to take my taste buds on a tour by tasting the strangest foods available to vegetarians. You would be surprised to read this strange vegetarian food from all over the world that naturally has no meat and is also delicious.

Rare vegetarian food from all over the world!Rare vegetarian food from all over the world!

Vegetarian delicacy # 1: Tempeh

Protein source originated in Indonesia.
It is usually found in the refrigerated food section, quite tasty and perfectly safe to eat.
This looks weird and looks something like a cake. It is irregular and has spots that look like mold, this is due to the spores of fungi. So what's left is the fermented soy cake.

Delicacy vegetarian tempehDelicacy vegetarian tempeh

Vegetarian delicacy # 2: Seitan

It is made from wheat, high in protein.
Used as an alternative for meat.
The starch in the flour is eliminated, there is only gluten that, when cooked and seasoned, will taste delicious as well as the meat.
It could be used as an alternative to chicken in chicken wings or as a vegetable in Thai curry.

Seitan vegetarian delicacySeitan vegetarian delicacy

Vegetarian delicacy # 3: nutritional yeast.

It has a strong flavor and is described as cheese, nutty or creamy, which is often used as a substitute for cheese.
It can be used in recipes for mashed potatoes, popcorn, etc.

Vegetarian delicacy: nutritional yeast.Vegetarian delicacy: nutritional yeast.

Vegetarian delicacy # 4: Miso

This is a fermented soybean paste made with rice barley and other ingredients.
Popular for dressings for salads and sauces.
Reduces cardiovascular problem

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Vegetarian delicacy: MisoVegetarian delicacy: Miso

Vegetarian delicacy # 5: Kimchi

Korean dish made with fermented cabbage, vegetables and other unique ingredients.
It could be quite spicy.
It looks something like squid tentacles, but it is very tasty.
He is known for his pungency.

Vegetarian delicacy: KimchiVegetarian delicacy: Kimchi

Vegetarian delicacy # 6: Mochi

This refers to rice that is crushed into a paste and then molded.
Original from Japan.
Commonly made in ice cream and sweets, however, it can also be used in soups.
Look at the refrigerated storage section to find this.

Vegetarian delicacy: MochiVegetarian delicacy: Mochi

Vegetarian delicacy # 7: agar agar.

This is a replacement for gelatin and is made with red seaweed.
It is found in both flakes and powder. This purely vegetarian and can be used for almost all recipes.

Vegetarian delicacy: agar agar.Vegetarian delicacy: agar agar.

Vegetarian delicacy # 8: durian

This is a stinky fruit that is found in Singapore.
It smells like a rotten onion, vomit, sewage but it's delicious.
It is thorny and heavy.
If you can close your nose, overcome the smell and try it, you'll love this one.

Vegetarian delicacy: durianVegetarian delicacy: durian

Vegetarian delicacy # 9: Casu Marzu

This is also called as worm cheese.
It is fermented so that it really begins to decompose and becomes liquid.
In this stage insect larvae begin to grow on it.
People like to eat these worms, but be careful when you eat because these larvae can jump and hurt your eyes.
So, ladies and gentlemen, it does not matter if you are vegetarian or not. If you want to go ahead and try something weird and mark that kind of strange food from your wish list, try these articles and let me know how you felt about it! Do you have anything weirder to add to this list? Please leave a comment on the post and I will respond immediately! Thanks guys!

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