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Knowing a better girl is the desire of every man when they meet a new lady. For this to happen, a series of questions are usually asked that portray the real image. With these questions, it is easy to start a conversation and gain the confidence of the girl.

# 1. Have you ever met a stranger who has made numerous changes in your life?

It is one of the most difficult questions a lady can ask, and it can take a long time to respond. With this question, a lady can open up to the stories that happened during her past and what impact she has on her current life. For a more productive conversation, one should always remember to ask for a detailed explanation of the story.

# 2. Of all your achievements, which one sounds silly to people and makes you feel proud?

With this question, it is easy to discover her true nature and the things that make her very happy. Regardless of the answer to this question, a new and exciting fact will be unraveled.

# 3. What strange or funny thing makes you feel terrified?

This question gives you the opportunity to awaken your fears and discover what you do not like. To make it more fun, it is better to ask if there have been funny events when we face fear.

# 4. What period of your life had the best fashion?

A good number of girls are in fashion, and therefore this is a very entertaining discussion topic. Whether it is fashionable or not, a well-explained answer will be returned. To prolong the conversation a little longer, it would be prudent to ask what impact the period had on your current fashion style.

# 5. What aspect of your culture makes you proud?

For every human being, culture is responsible for being part of what we are today. For a good conversation, this question is crucial as it deepens your experience and your personal life. From this question, one can know the standard things shared by their different culture and any contrast.

# 6. What thing you have not started that makes you regret?

With this question, you will know if she keeps her time or if she does things late. It will also allow one to discover the goals he has and the essential things in his life.

# 7. What lesson has taught you the life you always think?

A serious question but it can lead to an exciting conversation. It will also give you the opportunity to learn about your current personality and what made it change or maintain it.

# 8. If given an opportunity, what is the last place you would dream to visit?

Many girls like to travel a lot and have their own areas that they like or do not like. This question will make you understand the type of places that make you angry and the type of environment that you enjoy the most.

# 9. With what person have you not spoken for a period of time and really want to find them again?

This question also awakens old memories that may have been forgotten. Since it is a person that you may not know, it is good to keep up and participate in the conversation. This will also give you the courage to reveal all the details relating to the person.

# 10. What is your passion and how has it contributed to your current lifestyle?

This question allows you to discover how the girl feels about herself and what desires she has for life. With this question, you can discover your true identity and who you admire the most. He can also tell you what he wants to do in the future so that his life improves.

# 11. Of all your experiences in life, which one do you keep remembering?

This question is pretty perfect when you want to know more about it. Regardless of the answer to this question, you can enter your world and discover the things that will always remain in your mind. I should be interested in how to find more details about memory, since she may decide to share an unfortunate memory.

# 12. Which character in a movie or book best describes your personality?

This question gives you the opportunity to discover how you see yourself and who you want to be in the future. This is a very fascinating question since it involves the good things of your life. This question can be asked based on two different situations. The first one can focus on the character she thinks shares the same behavior and the second question may be in a movie character she wants to become. Based on the selected character, it is easy to know the movies and the books he is in.

# 13. Of all the people who have visited your house, who is the worst and what made you think that way?

This question starts a hilarious conversation, as it will remind you of the incidence you had with a certain person. It will act as a source of encouragement, as you will have the opportunity to share your fun moments and the worst experience you have had with people. To get more of it, you should ask questions that focus on the key details of the event.

# 14. What do you want people to stop asking you?

People will always receive questions throughout their lives. There are a number of questions that turn out to be irritating, and you may not need to listen to them. To make it more interesting, you should not ask too many details about the question, as it may irritate you again.

#fifteen. What TV show have you never missed?

This question is asked mainly since almost all the girls are in a certain television program. It can be an exciting conversation if you know the program, because you can talk about the best episodes of the program. If you have never seen it, it will act as a source of motivation to see it. You will also enjoy telling you about the program if you have no idea what it is about.

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#sixteen. What is the most annoying thing that has happened to you?

Everyone gets upset, and this question will give you the opportunity to know the things that irritate you the most. It is good to avoid doing the things that make you angry to maintain a good relationship. It will not be surprising that you discover that both share the things that make both of them upset.

# 17. Who is your favorite actress or actress?

This question gives you the opportunity to find out more about the type of movies you like and how many you have seen. If you know more about the actor or the actress, you can establish a good conversation, since it is easier to concentrate on the same movies you have seen. It can also become a matter of movies that both have attended and would like to attend.

# 18. Are there any pictures or paintings that have had an impact on your life?

This question may have arisen when she was talking to her friends and can be answered quickly. It is an interesting question since one will discover the type of paintings and paintings in which he is interested. Looking at the images on the phone can also cause an animated conversation.

# 19. If you were to invent something, what would it be?

This question allows you to think creatively, as it creates imaginations that do not exist and can be a good subject. You can also start a discussion about the problems that currently affect the world and how the new invention will solve these challenges so that they do not happen again.

# 20. What is the most used application on your phone?

Everyone has an application that thrills them and is used on a regular basis. It can range from inspiring applications to educational applications. A question about the most used application will let you know what she does during her free time and when there is nobody to talk to except the phone.

# 21. With what fact most people are not familiar with /?

Knowing a new fact about a person makes him very happy, since he tends to strengthen his bond. This question will give you the opportunity to discover one or two things that can make you feel proud. Learning a new fact discovers a new idea that may not be known by all.

# 22. What is your favorite pet?

Asking this question will let you know if she is in the animals or not. If you have a pet, you can ask him to explain the best and worst experiences you have had with the pet. Knowing more about the pet can also generate an animated conversation, since you can also explain what you know about your particular animal.

# 23. What makes you like and hate being a woman?

This topic gives you the opportunity to talk more about yourself and your colleagues. You will even have the opportunity to learn new things related to the opposite sex that you may have never heard before. When you are given a chance, you can also tell him things that make you love being a boy.

# 24. With what thing or behavior have you finished completely?

With this question, you can give some answers, so it is difficult to predict what you will try to say. It is a very open question, and one should be ready to listen to any answer that can be returned. Whatever your choice, it will be a great conversation because most people like to talk about the things that bother them the most.

# 25. What is the last excuse that a person has given you after making a mistake?

Excuses tend to disturb or appease one's feelings towards a wrongdoer. It will be an exciting topic since you will have the opportunity to hear the funniest excuses you have received. Sharing your previous experiences will also illuminate the conversation.

# 26. What thing have you never accomplished?

Through the exchange of faults, a powerful bond is created. To ensure a fluent conversation, it is important to encourage her so that she can learn to trust you. Making fun of the flaw will only make things worse, and this should be avoided.

# 27. What is the worst day of your life?

This question brings a memory that she may not want to share with you openly. Asking him in a very polite way will make her gain confidence in you and, therefore, be free of all the events that occurred during that particular day. You should not make fun of what happened, but be a source of inspiration.

# 28. What comes to your mind when you shower?

This can be a very interesting or annoying subject depending on how you look at the question. Many things happen when taking a shower and sharing this information means that she has total confidence in you. When taken positively, it will be a fun topic, as there are some things you might think about while you are in the shower. To make it more interesting, you should also talk about the things you do and think about while you are in the shower.

# 29. What is the decision you have made in your life?

When a conversation has to do with the positive things that one has done in life, it will take more time for both parties to open up. Everyone loves to talk about the achievements, and this makes you feel appreciated in life. I should congratulate her on the decision she made while encouraging her to make more decisions in the future.

# 30. At what particular times does the time go by very fast and when does the slowest pass?

Through this question, you can discover the things she enjoys doing and the things that make her feel bored. To learn more about these things, you should ask follow-up questions that give you the opportunity to provide examples of the things you love and hate doing. Therefore, it will be more comfortable to notice if you enjoy your company in the future, as it will do the things that seem fun. You should also tell him what you enjoy to create a strong bond.

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Some more amazing questions to ask a girl

# 31. When you are close to your crush, what is the most embarrassing thing you have said or done?

# 32. At what point in your life do you want to live again if you have the opportunity?

# 33. During your childhood, what do you like to do during most of your free time?

# 34. If you choose a husband according to a given question, what question would you ask?

# 35. Is there some weird smell that you enjoy?

# 36. What information would you like to know before when you are still young?

# 37. Of all your friends, who do you consider more fun?

# 38. If you wake up and discover that everyone has disappeared, what will be your first reaction?

# 39. How do you make new friends?

# 40. Of all your outfits, which one will you use for your whole life?

# 41. When you were a child, what book did you read regularly?

# 42. If you were to be the president for a day, what change would you bring?

# 43. When you're old, what kind of person would you like to be?

# 44. On what subject can you speak freely for an entire day?

# 45. Would I run away with me if dad still told me no?

# 46. Have you ever prevented a disaster from happening?

# 47. Who is the most powerful person you have ever met in your life?

# 48. If chocolate is your favorite snack, do you eat the color or flavor?

# 49. Is there a joke that comes to mind when you think of your boyfriend?

# 50. What car makes you hate having one?

# 51. Who is the most ambitious person you have ever met?

# 52. Do I prefer to shave my beard or just cut it?

# 53. What is the strangest job you have been forced to do?

# 54. Who is the most competitive person you have found?

# 55. What people in the country have the best fashion designs that you only dream of?

# 56. If you could format people, who is the first person you will format?

# 57. During your childhood, what was your favorite toy?

# 58. What is the best gift that someone has given you?

# 59. What is the dream career of your childhood that you still want to be?

# 60. Does your heart jump every time you receive an unknown call?

# 61. What lesson did you learn from your previous relationship that will always be in your mind?

# 62. If you were stuck in an elevator with your ex boyfriend, what thoughts would you think of?

# 63. While you were at school, what was your favorite subject?

# 64. Given the opportunity to go out with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

#Sixty-five. When with your friends, in which restaurant do you enjoy your meals the most?

# 66. Do you think there are sirens? Do you believe in the people who have seen them?

# 67. What qualities should your ideal boy possess?

# 68. If you were a celebrity, what would be the best field for you?

# 69 If you find your house on fire, what is the first thing you would save?

# 70. If you could change something about this world, what would it be?

# 71. If you are given $ 1000000, what is the first thing you will buy?

# 72. When faced with a problem, with whom is the first person with whom you share it?

# 73. What is the best superpower you dream of having?

# 74. Have you ever met a celebrity and, if not, who do you want to meet?

# 75. Imagine me; Do you still believe in love and wonders?

# 76. What aspect of your personality would you completely erase in your next life?

# 77. If you died in a week, what would you do to change the remaining life?

# 78. What is the worst punishment your parents give you?

# 79. What book has changed how you see other human beings?

# 80. If you had to make four wishes, what would they be and why?

# 81. Have you ever fallen in love with a musician or a movie actor?

# 82. If you were to dedicate a song to your father, what would it be?

# 83. What do you see when you look me in the eyes?

# 84. What is the farthest place you have traveled for your vacation?

# 85. What rule do you think should never exist and can make you happy if it is extinguished?

# 86. Would you mind going to a date with me?

# 87. If you had a photo session, what is the ideal place?

# 88. In what situation do you see yourself in 20 years?

# 89. Do you prefer to have fun on the beach or in a Porsche?

# 90. In your opinion, what aspects of a man do a gentleman?

# 91. Since we are friends, would you add me to your journal?

# 92. If you are stranded in an elevator, what steps would you take to save yourself?

# 93. Between text messages and phone calls, which one makes you more nervous?

# 94. I like how you move your waist; Would you mind dancing with me?

# 95. Do you remember the first time you felt something towards the opposite sex?

# 96. Has anyone ever cheated on you?

# 97. What went through your mind when you saw me for the first time?

# 98. If I were a drug, what drug would you compare me with?

# 99. Does waking up by my side make you a lucky bird?

# 100. Do you prefer to kiss a yacht or a helicopter?

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# 101. Would you like to have breakfast in Paris, France or Tokyo, Japan?

# 102. If you could go out with your favorite musician, where would you take him?

# 103. Among your ten favorite things, which position best fits our friendship?

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