Quail Eggs Cure – Solve Your Health Problems

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This cure is very beneficial at any time. In some conditions, quail eggs can accelerate the healing process, and when healing is not possible, they still improve the quality of life. It is impossible not to have heard of the great qualities of this egg, rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

A cure can solve serious health problems, such as heart disease, stomach problems or the circulatory system, without using other medications. You can not get more natural than this.

In fact, all quail breeders say that their life has changed better due to this small bird: first, the daily consumption of eggs has markedly improved their health. A French doctor, Jean Claude Truffier, conducted additional studies on the therapeutic effects of quail eggs, achieving remarkable results in the treatment of asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, spastic cough, urticaria and other diseases and conditions.

After these remarkable successes, many doctors accept the quail egg cure, expanding its use in the treatment of many diseases and conditions, such as:

Heart disease Kidney failure Hepatobiliary diseases Obesity Weak immunity Hypertension Ulcers and some mild digestive diseases Conjunctivitis Urticaria Cough and asthma Memory disorders Promotes the growth and development of children Anemia High cholesterol Diabetes Asthenia Impotence

Eggs are animal products with the most balanced protein content, vitamin – mineral and enzyme able to regulate all the deficiencies of the body, recovering human health.

Here are some of the properties that provide effective treatment:

Compared to chicken eggs, the quail egg has a cholesterol content of only 1.4% compared to 4%, and in about 3 times less fat, the yolk contains 23% more protein than the 16 % – 17% found in the chicken egg.

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The comparison between the content of minerals and vitamins is not the only point: they have 6 times more vitamin B1, 5 times more phosphorus, 5 times more iron, 15 times more vitamin B2 and other antiallergic substances that reduce the amount of antibodies responsible for reactions allergic

All this and much more, make these eggs the only "medicine" that has no contraindications.

Quail meat is one of the best and most appreciated cuisines: low in fat and cholesterol, it is a perfect dietary and curative alternative for those suffering from diseases such as obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Finally, a very important fact about this miraculous bird: if you ensure proper hygiene and optimal environmental conditions, the Japanese quail is the only bird that does not require vaccines, for life.

This is an additional argument to consume quail products with confidence.

Improves cardiac function Positive effect in the treatment of kidney and liver diseases. Improves digestion and regulates gastric acidity. Refreshes and improves memory. Revitalizes the body, regardless of age.

The healing of 120 eggs, in 25 days, is given as follows:

On the first day – 3 eggs.
On the second day – 3 eggs.
On the third day – 4 eggs.
On the fourth day – 5 eggs.
Then, until day 25 – 5 eggs.

The healing of 240 eggs, in 49 days, is given as follows:

In the first 4 days, 3 eggs per day.
In the next days, 4 eggs per day.

Drink raw eggs in the morning on an empty stomach. After a 20-day break, the cure can be repeated.

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For children between 4 and 8 years, a cure of 120 eggs in 31 days is recommended, and for those between 8 and 10 years, 240 eggs in 61 days.

Quail Eggs Cure – Solve Your Health Problems, Article Source: https://www.brighthealing.com/quail-eggs-cure-solve-your-health-problems-with-quail-eggs/

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