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Quail meat and eggs are known for their beneficial effects in terms of health. Its healing effect has been tested and accepted by doctors around the world. Unlike chicken egg, quail contains five times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, 6 times more vitamin B1 and 15 times more vitamin B2. It contains the whole complex of vitamins A, B, D3, E plus calcium, zinc, sulfur and potassium.

The quail egg revitalizes the body regardless of age: it regulates and improves the functioning of the heart and circulatory activity; regulates gastric acidity; Improves breathing and reproductive function. has beneficial effects in the treatment of kidney and liver diseases; It will positively affect the brain, the lymphatic system and the immune system. According to some researchers, the quail egg would reduce the amount of antibodies in the body (immunoglobulin E) responsible for allergic reactions. These eggs are used during the pre and postnatal periods, and after surgery and radiotherapy. They form neurons in the central nervous system in children and delay the degenerative processes of aging.

In any therapy, nutrition is essential and quail eggs are not synthetic drugs that can affect the liver, kidney, pancreas or other organs, glands or human functional structures, but are a natural, organic product and perfectly adapted to the needs of any human. body. They are assimilated in the body according to their needs, without producing wear, but they have a constructive role, from the cellular level to the organic level.

The miraculous effects are given by the superior quality of the egg protein, with the lack of bad cholesterol. This is the only dietary egg tested. It contains proteins, fats and fine special lecithins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-allergic factors. Contains anti-cholesterol agent, which cleans cholesterol deposits in blood vessels, including the brain. It also contains an agent that helps restore cells.

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<p><strong>Quail eggs are indicated for the following diseases:</strong></p>
<p>                Cures with quail eggs improve cardiac function, recovering people weakened by physical exertion and tension, help reappearances after periods of stress and exhaustion, after surgery and radiotherapy. Healings can help in pre and postnatal periods to relieve pain, and help in prolonged breastfeeding. Regulates gastric acidity and digestion, protects nerve cells, improves memory and IQ. It has a positive effect in the treatment of renal, hepatic, biliary, ophthalmic and NCD diseases. Valuable in the growth and development of children. A remedy for anemia, spasmophilia, headaches and fatigue. The quail egg is an excellent anabolic hormone, and a metabolic regulator with a broad action. Strengthens the body's immune system and regulates blood sugar levels in diabetes. It helps a lot in cases of sexual impotence, asthma, tuberculosis, hypercholesterolemia, allergic rhinitis, various allergies and eczema. Regulate weight and disorders related to growth.   </p>
<p>– In general, a cure is recommended according to age and illness.<br />– We recommend the following quantities: 60, 90, 120 and 240 eggs.</p>
<p>    For children between 1-7 years a 60-egg diet is recommended in 30 or 20 days (2 and 3 eggs per day), For children between 8-10 years a cure of 90 eggs in 30 days. For children between 11-15 years old a cure of 120 eggs in 32 days. Adolescents (16-18 years old) and adults can take 120 eggs in 26 days. The cure with 240 eggs in 50 days is only suitable for adults.   </p>
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– Drink raw eggs, whole yolks, in the morning on an empty stomach. The eggs can be mixed with a little honey and, eventually, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.
– After a break of 20 days (2-3 months in children) the diet can be repeated. It is preferable to eat only fresh eggs.

Before starting such treatment, you must have a daily source of fresh eggs, from a quality producer.

Quail eggs – Advice and treatment, Article Source: https://www.brighthealing.com/quail-eggs-advice-and-treatment-with-quail-eggs/

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