Push-up: the last bodyweight exercise to sculpt your chest!

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The push-up goes to your chest, abs, arms and shoulders, almost all the muscles of the upper body.

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Push upTThe push-up is, without a doubt, the first muscle-building activity that most people do, but at some point they discover weight training and discard the millenary technique. This is very sad, since it is one of the most complete body weight exercises aimed at your chest, abs, arms and shoulders, almost all the muscles of the upper body.

Specifically, the muscles to which the exercise is directed are the abdominal muscles, the pectorals, the deltoids and the triceps. The way in which each muscle is directed exclusively depends on the variation of the flexion you are going to make. For example, the more separated the hands are, the more the chest will work and the closer the arms are, the more the triceps will work.

How to do a standard push-up.

Step 1: Get on all fours and place your hands a little wider than your shoulders.

Step 2: Keep your feet together and strengthen your arms and legs. Make sure your whole body is in a straight line, from head to toe.

Step 3: Keeping the elbows close, lower the chest until it is one inch above the floor

Step 4: Hold this position for a second and raise your body.

The complete set of movements mentioned above is just a repetition. Do this at least 15 times to complete a game and try to make at least three games. If you have trouble doing proper push-ups, you can start with knee push-ups or slanting push-ups (where your hands are on a higher plane so that you are not on the floor) and slowly strengthen your upper body so you can become strong enough to make the standards. (Read: Get a chest like Hrithik or John with these exercises.)

If you find the standard push-up too easy, you can try these more advanced variations.

One push-up arm

The push-up with a single arm decreases the contact point from three to two, which makes it much more difficult and, therefore, a greater training for the chest. If you remember something from the physics of your elementary school, you will remember that it is equal to the force per area, so by decreasing the area (one arm), it becomes harder.

Push-up knuckle

This is popular among martial artists looking to strengthen their knuckles and wrists. It also reduces tension in the wrists than the standard push-up and is a good choice for those who have wrist injuries.

Diamond push-up

In this variation, you keep your arms close enough for your thumb and forefinger to touch. This exercise points to the triceps rather than the chest.

Hindu Push-up or Hanuman

Used for centuries by pehlwans Hindu flexion consists of lifting your butt until it acquires a V-shape and then bends the elbows, while lowering your head towards the ground keeping your hips a couple of feet in the air. Then you raise your head so that you almost look towards a surya namaskar. The basic difference is that, while all the other push-ups require that you follow an up and down movement, the Hindu bending requires that you follow a circular movement that provides you with a complete body workout.

Push-up finger

The flexion of the finger also decreases the contact area and is much more difficult than the normal ones. The martial arts legend Bruce Lee was known to be able to do push-ups with the tips of his fingers using only the thumb and forefinger of a hand!

Clap push-up

Much more difficult than the normal push-us, the technique requires the user to hold his position in the air and clap his hands before lowering his torso. An even more difficult version is the back slapping behind the back that requires the person to clap behind the back before going down!

In general, the push-up is a good old-fashioned exercise that deserves to be part of each exercise regimen.

You can also try these exercises for a sculpted chest:

The bench press Dumbbell flies Dive bomber push-ups

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Reference: https://www.thehealthsite.com/fitness/push-up-the-ultimate-bodyweight-exercise-to-sculpt-your-chest/, by Nirmalya Dutta

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