PUPPS Eruption in pregnancy: symptoms and treatments

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For some pregnant women, PUPPS (papules and urticarial pruritic plaques of The pregnancy) is a type of irritant rash of pregnancy that occurs towards the end of pregnancy. While it is seemingly harmless for both the mother and the fetus, any rash or unusual change in your body during pregnancy can be disturbing. Therefore, it is important for women to understand the symptoms, causes and possible remedies for this irritant condition.

What is PUPPS?

PUPPS, as mentioned above, means pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy, but is commonly referred to as a pregnancy rash. This condition is characterized by small red bumps or areas of irritation in the skin That appear near the beginning of the third. trimester. These the protrusions may enlarge more and eventually join in a larger eruption. [1] They are usually found in the stomach and back, but they can also appear in areas where excess skin or fat has developed, such as near stretch marks. In some cases, PUPPS will appear quite late in pregnancy, or even within a few days after delivery.

The PUPPS affects approximately 0.5% of the pregnant population and it is not known to be harmful in any way, neither for the mother nor for the child. Research has found that the rash of pregnancy tends to disappear shortly after delivery, and rarely stays after a few weeks of delivery. In spite of the harmless nature of this rash, it can be very uncomfortable, in addition to the many other underlines and challenges of late stage pregnancy. [2]

Fortunately, for those who are concerned about the spread of this rash to other members of the family or children, PUPPS is not acontagious rash, because it is caused by the response of the mother's body to the fetus. There is no danger of spreading this rash to anyone else.

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Causes of PUPPS

The exact cause of PUPPS is unknown and a little research has been done on the subject, but it is thought to be related to the mother's immune system that reacts to the fetus cells growing inside it. Near the end of pregnancy, when the fetus is growing very quickly, the skin is also extension quickly, so this rash often appears near stretch marks.

Some of the other contributing factors seem to be gaining an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy, carrying multiples, and the gender of the child. [3] PUPPS occurs most often when the child is a child. Research is ongoing to see how these factors can explain this phenomenon.

Symptoms of PUPPS

The primary symptoms of PUPPS are small pimple-shaped spots on the abdomen and back, which can grow in size and join, forming red, itchy patches. about him skin. [4] In some cases, the eruption will spread to the buttocks or thighs, but rarely rise above the breasts to the neck and face. The worst thing about a PUPPS rash is the intensity of the itching, which can be anxiety-induce and hinder sleep.

Diagnosis of PUPPS

The appearance of these spots is common for pregnant women that a basic physical examination of their skin should be sufficient to determine if the rash is PUPPS. In some cases, to ensure that another fungus infection or the rash is not responsible, a simple A blood test to determine cortisol levels, hCG levels and blood count will be sufficient to reduce the diagnosis. [5]

Treatments for PUPPS

The most common treatment for PUPPS is simply waiting for the baby to be born, since the rash usually disappears shortly after delivery and does not pose a threat to the mother's long-term health. However, irritation from itching can be debilitating at times, so treatments like oatmeal swimming pool, moisturizers, and antihistamine creams are often required.

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Oatmeal baths

These legendary anti-inflammatory Baths are used for a wide variety of skin conditions, since they can soothe irritated areas and eliminate the "heat" from itching. Mix 1-2 Cups of hot oatmeal bathwater and soak for 20-30 minutes for relief. [6]

Hydrating creams

There are many moisturizers that also offer anti-inflammatory benefits, which one It can help when your skin becomes inflamed with irritation. [7]

Antihistamine creams

Since this rash is related to the immune system, an anti-allergy The medication or cream can also decrease irritation.

Prevention of PUPPS

In some cases, it is impossible to prevent or avoid an outbreak of PUPPS, but rest assured that it will happen over time. If your tolerance to skin irritation is low, you should do everything possible to prevent CUPP, so you should try techniques such as maintaining your blood pressure Under control and gaining weight in moderation. As mentioned, excessive weight gain during pregnancy is directly related to PUPPS, as is clear from the placement of the eruptions. Additional research has also linked high blood pressure with an increased risk of this rash in the late stage of pregnancy.

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