Probiotics based on the soil and 3 reasons why you should start taking them

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It is likely that at least you have heard of probiotics, those microorganisms that are considered "good" bacteria that play an important role in regard to health and well-being. Innumerable studies have shown that the proper balance of intestinal bacteria is probably a key part to enjoy a long and healthy life, including 2014 research published in Cell. What we put in our stomachs is essential for well-being, and can even affect the chances of avoiding some types of cancer.

Only some of the responsibilities with which the gut is responsible include:

Helping to fight colds and viruses. Helping in the repair of injuries and tissue damage. Help regulate appetite and control weight. Playing a role in the production of serotonin, the "good feeling hormone" and other hormones. Playing a role in mood management

There are billions of those good and useful bacteria that live in everyone's intestine, collectively referred to as an intestinal microbiome, with some 500 different species, each of which offers its own unique benefits. Millions of dollars are invested in intestinal research every year, with the goal of getting more information about how these "insects" play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. And, practically every day, scientists seem to discover more and more about how crucial they are, so much so that some have even begun to refer to the microbiome as their own organ.

Why our modern lifestyles have led to an excess of harmful bacteria in the intestine

Most of our ancestors traditionally consumed a diet that included many raw and fermented foods, which contain a lot of beneficial bacteria. But as our modern lifestyles often include a diet made up of too many junk foods, fast foods and processed foods, mainly sugar, this alters the normally healthy composition of the intestine. Good and useful bacteria are pasteurized, irradiated and often processed beyond recognition, which means that the food we eat leads to an excess of harmful bacteria in the intestine, which causes good bacteria to become depleted and bad that eventually take over, which results in all kinds of health problems.

Do you have an imbalance of intestinal bacteria?

If your gut has too many harmful bacteria, it means that you have an imbalance and you may experience a number of symptoms, such as:

You can get sick more often Your nose may fill up frequently, have more respiratory infections and / or difficulty breathing You are depressed You gain weight easily He suffers from digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas or acid reflux. You lack energy and you fatigue more easily Your joints are sore and / or suffer from muscle pain. You have acne and / or a mild skin rash.

This is why taking probiotic supplements has become so popular. But there is a problem with most of those supplements because traversing the human digestive system can be difficult for those good bacteria, especially considering that they need to survive traveling through the stomach acids along the way. The vast majority of strains end up dying before they reach the place where they should go, the small intestine. That means that with most probiotics, it's as if you do not take anything, as they become completely ineffective. Not only do they steal those critical health benefits, but they rob you of the time and money that it has cost you so much to earn, leaving your body in a suboptimal state.

How soil-based probiotics (spores) are different

Compared to the more delicate strains of bacteria found in certain probiotics and fermented foods, most of the good bacteria found in the soil are very resistant, even thriving in your gut. The soil beneath our feet is rich in millions of bacteria. Have you ever heard the saying "dirt does not hurt?" There may be more than you ever imagined. There is also a saying in some cultures that everyone should eat a pound for dirty: in Denmark, they say that they are seven pounds a year. While few take it literally, there are numerous ancient sayings and practices that promote health benefits of dirt. Of course, there is not exactly one recommended dietary allowance for it in the US Food and Nutrition table. UU., But science is beginning to reach the reality that dirt is actually a superfood. Unlike bifidobacteria, most of the beneficial bacterial strains found in productive soil are extraordinarily resistant.

The "spore probiotics" are actually "soil-based organisms"Also known as SBO, they are a new class of probiotic supplements developed based on a greater understanding of the amazing diversity of the human gut, and a better appreciation of how humans and the" auxiliary "bacteria that live within them can work. Together to produce a healthier system, as the name implies, SBO are bacteria and other life forms that live in the soil, there, they do for plants more or less what probiotics do for humans, decomposing material vegetable, producing vitamins, fighting pathogens and more.The organic fertilizer you can use in your garden also contains these organisms to improve soil health.

The SBO have the ability to "plant" the digestive tract with bacteria, which grow and thrive, supporting a balanced microbiome, that term we mentioned is used for the mini ecology of microorganisms such as bacteria that inhabit the body and produce so many vital functions, including digestion and immune support. They are stable to heat, so they can survive by passing through the stomach acid, traveling to the small intestine where they provide unique health benefits. While these strains have been used in probiotic formulations in Europe for decades, for at least half a century, they have only become popular in the United States in the last 10 years. Once they pass through the stomach acids, the spores germinate, grow and proliferate in the small intestine, where they eventually form more spores that pass through the GI tract, offering a wealth of benefits.

Other probiotics may still offer benefits if you take them enough if they have been stored and transported properly, and if the lining of your gut is healthy enough for those good bacteria to join and colonize, but meeting all these criteria is incredibly difficult achievement. On the other hand, probiotics based on soil are quite indestructible.

They will germinate easily in the intestines, they will remain for a week to three weeks, they will reform the spores and then they will be excreted, returning to the ground. While traditionally, these spore probiotics could be obtained simply by living in and around the land, such as agriculture, today, unless you are a farmer, you are probably not working or living around the land consistent enough to make these strains Useful enter your body. intestine, which means that you will need supplements with spores, soil-based probiotics.

Our recommended soil-based probiotic supplement: SBO probiotic supplement from Ax Nutrition

3 reasons to take probiotics based on the soil

Having more healthy and "good" bacteria in your gut through soil-based probiotics brings numerous benefits to health and well-being.

1. Better functioning of the brain

While probiotics are often associated with intestinal health, they also offer many other benefits, including support for better brain function. Research from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in 2013 found that women who regularly consumed beneficial bacteria experienced a series of positive changes in various areas of their brains, including emotional and sensory processing, as well as cognition. Another study outside Ireland. published in Neurogastroenterology and motility he discovered that mice that did not have any microbes in their intestines could not recognize other mice that were around them.

Introducing healthy bacteria into your diet by taking probiotics from spores can even help improve memory in people with Alzheimer's disease, according to a clinical trial published in Frontiers in the neuroscience of aging in 2016. Experts observed how Alzheimer's patients were affected by probiotic supplements and found that those who took probiotics experienced a dramatic improvement in cognitive functioning. They were also found to have positive metabolic changes, such as lower levels of triglycerides, decreased markers for insulin resistance and very low density lipoproteins and C-reactive protein, which measures the amount of inflammation in the body.

2. Better mood, decreased anxiety and more

Experts also believe that changes in intestinal bacteria can affect personality and mood. A 2011 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists. showed that the germ-free mice were much more anxious and hyperactive than their counterparts who had a normal microbiome. They showed less visible signs of anxiety, Reduced levels of stress hormones, and even neurochemical changes in the brain.

Studies conducted at Sage Colleges and Bristol University concluded that soil-based organisms make us happier and smarter. According to the Therapeutic Landscapes network, a London oncologist at Royal Marsden Hospital, Mary O & # 39; Brien, came across the findings by inoculating lung cancer patients with a strain of M. vaccae to see if her symptoms improved . He noted that in addition to having fewer symptoms of cancer, patients also demonstrated an improvement in emotional health, vitality and even cognitive function. Chris Lowry of the University of Bristol was intrigued and decided to explore the discovery of O & # 39; Brien. He hypothesized that the body's immune response to the bacteria causes the brain to produce that well-being hormone known as serotonin. When we do not have enough serotonin, it can be a symptom or even a cause of depression. Lowry injected mice with M. vaccae and then observed the physiological and behavioral changes of the animal. He discovered that his cytokine levels had increased: cytokines are part of a chain reaction, which ultimately causes the brain to release serotonin. To test his behavioral stress levels, he then placed the mice in a miniature pool, with the knowledge that stressed mice generally get more stressed while swimming, but mice that are no longer stressed do not seem to care. . He found that mice that received M. vaccae did not exhibit higher stress levels after being forced to swim.

Dorothy Matthews and Susan Jenks of Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, also tested these findings with similar results. Matthews commented: "From our study we can say that it is definitely good to be outdoors, it is good to have contact with these organisms." It is interesting to speculate that the creation of learning environments in schools that include outdoor time where M is present. Vacae can reduce anxiety and improve the ability to learn new tasks. "

3. Better digestion and reduction of IBS symptoms

Of course, probiotics are most often associated with digestive health and the ability to relieve problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. In a study outside of Battelle Seattle Research Center Washington, experts found that patients diagnosed with IBS who took a probiotic in the soil experienced a significant reduction in symptoms after two weeks. A Follow-up study They discovered that patients still enjoyed the benefits even one year after stopping probiotics, researchers say because the beneficial bacteria remain in the intestine and continue to function.

Other benefits that research has shown when taking soil-based probiotics include helping to regulate the immune system, lower inflammation, break down food, help with detoxification and even influence gene expression to help bring out the best in us.

The best soil-based probiotic supplements

If you want to see how a probiotic based on soil can help you, the most popular and best evaluated is SBO probiotic supplement from Ax Nutrition. It is recommended to take two capsules a day with a glass of water or juice.

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