Prevention of cancer and red wine

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Polyphenols in wine help prevent cancer.

Prevention of cancer and red wine

Red wine is a rich source of biologically active phytochemicals, chemicals found in plants. It is believed that the particular compounds called polyphenols found in red wine, such as ascatecinas and resveratrol, have antioxidants or anti-oxidants. Cancerproperties

What are polyphenols and how do they prevent cancer?

Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds found in the skin and seeds of grapes. When the wine is made with these grapes, the alcohol produced by the fermentation process dissolves the polyphenols contained in the skin and seeds. Red wine contains more polyphenols than white wine because the manufacture of white wine requires the removal of the skins after the grapes are crushed. Phenols in wine include catechin, gallic acid and epicatechin.

It has been found that polyphenols have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from oxidative damage caused by molecules called free radicals. These chemicals can damage important parts of cells, including proteins, membranes and DNA. Cell damage caused by free radicals has been implicated in the development of cancer. Research on the antioxidants found in the inred wine has shown that may It helps to inhibit the development of certaincancers.

What is resveratrol and how does it prevent cancer?

Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol called phytoalexin, a class of compounds produced as part of a plant's defense system against the disease. It is produced in the plant in response to an invasive fungus, stress, injury, infection or ultraviolet irradiation. Red wine contains high levels of resveratrol, as do grapes, raspberries, peanuts and other plants.

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Resveratrol has been shown to reduce the incidence of tumors in animals by affecting one or more stages of cancer development. It has been shown to inhibit the growth of many types of cancer cells in culture. There is also evidence that it can reduce inflammation. It also reduces the activation of NF kappa B, a protein produced by the body's immune system when under attack. This protein affects the growth of cancer cells and metastasis. Resveratrol is also an antioxidant.

What have the studies on red wine found?

Studies of the effects of red wine on cells and animals have been examined in several types of cancer, including cancers of leukemia, skin, breast and prostate. Scientists are studying resveratrol to learn more about their cancer prevention activities. Recent evidence from animal studies suggests that this anti-inflammatory compound can be an effective chemopreventive agent in three stages of the cancer process: initiation, promotion and progression.

However, studies of the association between red wine consumption and cancer in humans are in their early stages. Although the consumption of large quantities of alcoholic beverages may increase the risk of some types of cancer, there is growing evidence that the health benefits of red wine are related to its non-alcoholic components.


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