Pregnancy test with chlorine bleach or chlorine

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Checking pregnancy with home kits is now easier and more practical. You just need to bring a small, thin stick available in the market in the form of pregnancy test kits, and you can confirm your pregnancy in a short time.

But what do you think was the way to control pregnancy in the first days when these types of kits were not available? What were the ways to check? Women could not discover their pregnancy without going to a doctor?

The answer to all these questions is home-based pregnancy test methods. Although there is no scientific support for the confirmation of the results for this type of home tests. They were highly reliable in the old days.

Of the many tests available at home, the most popular was the pregnancy test with chlorine or whitening.

How to perform the pregnancy test with bleach?

Bleach is generally used as a cleaning agent for domestic purposes. But it is also a good ingredient to control your pregnancy. All you need is to combine fresh urine with Clorox. To continue the test, there are no urine or bleach measurements; You should take with that relative amount of each.

Step 1: Collect the sample of your urine in a container. Preferably the first urine of the day, in the morning. The first urine gives you the most accurate result. But if it is not possible, you can pick up the sample at any time of the day.

Step 2: To take the test, take a small amount of Clorox powder or liquid chlorine.

Step 3: Add the bleach content to the urine sample.

Stage 4: Stir the contents so that they mix well.

Step 5: Allow content to rest for a while to get the results.

How to know if the result of the Clorox test is positive or negative?

The following indication tells you that your result is positive or negative:

If after mixing Clorox with your urine sample, the resulting formation is a structure similar to the foam in the container or if you observe some type of bubbles, the result of the test is positive and you are pregnant. The effervescent effect formed for the positive effect is so high that it can easily escape from the glass. Only in the case of cold drink or soda mixed in the glass of water. Alternatively, the result of the test using the Clorox pregnancy test is negative; If after mixing Clorox with the urine sample there is no change in the mixture. In some cases, you may even observe some small flat bubbles on the surface, but have no kinetic energy to rise or spill. They are simply motionless without any movement.

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What are the factors that determine the accuracy of the pregnancy test with chlorox or bleach?

The accuracy of the results of pregnancy tests performed by Clorox home pregnancy test It depends heavily on just one factor, and that is the HCG level.

The higher the level of HCG in the urine sample, the more accurate the result will be. You should not perform the pregnancy test performed at an early stage. Because then you can not reach the desired level of HCG. You must wait at least a period of time until you lose your first period.

What is the role of the HCG hormone and why do you want a higher level for the pregnancy test?

The female body releases the HCG hormone only when she is pregnant. The level of this hormone increases with the advance in the duration of your pregnancy.

The only reason for the increased requirement of the HCG hormone when performing the Clorox pregnancy test is that the results of this test depend on the chemical reaction between the urine and the bleaching agent. And, HCG behaves like the catalyst of this reaction. Therefore, the presence of a good amount of HCG content in the urine sample gives you better results.

Why does the first urine sample offer the most accurate results for the urine pregnancy test?

The first urine of the day is the most reliable sample for any pregnancy test and not just for the Clorox test. The only reason is the amount of pregnancy hormone present in it. The pregnancy hormone or HCG is present in greater quantity in the first urine of the day. Then it gradually decreases as the day goes by.

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As a result, it is possible that the bleaching agent does not detect HCG correctly, while performing the Clorox home pregnancy test. And the test may end up giving you false results.

* Note:

If you want to perform the pregnancy test at any other time of the day, you can do it. But the best way out of that is to keep urinating for 3 to 5 hours and then perform the test. This is another way of waiting for the reliable results of home tests.

What precautions should be taken when performing the Clorox pregnancy test?

Clorox is the inflexible chemical that has a very unpleasant odor. It releases harmful gases after the reaction.

As you begin the test, keep your head high and do not bend it closer to the test container. Keep your nose and mouth covered so that noxious gases do not enter your body directly. Since these gases can be toxic to you and even to your child if you are pregnant.

While there is no measurement ratio of how much Clorox and urine should be mixed, the study or survey conducted on the practical performance of the test indicates that, if you mix equal amounts of Clorox and urine, the results are maximum . That is the proportion of the mixture that must be one.

* Important note:

There is no home or even clinical test for pregnancy that is 100% accurate. But also if you think you could have conceived, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist, after performing the test at home. It does not matter if the result of the test for Clorox pregnancy test or any other test performed at home is positive or negative.

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