Possible causes and solutions to pain in the back of your head

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Pain in the back of the head is a common health problem that most of us have experienced. The causes vary from non-threatening factors of daily life to, in rare cases, serious conditions that require professional attention.

Causes for pain in the back of the head

If you experience them inside and outside, as is the case more frequently, it is likely that they are the result of daily stress that leads to unwanted tension in your body.

Let's take a closer look at several possible causes and solutions for this pain:


Migraines not only feel around the temples, but can also be the cause of pain in the back of the head. Typical indicators would be other symptoms typically associated with them: dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and sensitivity to surrounding factors, among others.

It is important to pay attention to the activities carried out before the migraines appear. They can be caused by various factors, be it stress, eating habits, caffeine, lack of rest or, as a long-standing condition, even depression. The best recommendation is to try to adopt a healthy lifestyle: a natural diet and exercise are the key here. Also be sure to consult your doctor, if you wish to identify the cause accurately.

Headaches from stress

These headaches are usually caused by emotional problems such as depression, fatigue, stress or anxiety. They manifest themselves beginning at the back of the head and slowly surrounding the entire skull. The only symptom is, in most cases, general pain: these headaches are usually not accompanied by nausea or muscle tension.

There are also physical factors that can lead to these types of headaches, such as poor nutrition and your body's posture. The recommendation is, once again, a healthy lifestyle that will improve your mental well-being.

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Muscle tension

The muscular tension is easy to detect due to the greater sensitivity to the movement of the head. This is often due to bad habits, such as improper positioning when using a desk or sleeping. It is important to make sure that the muscles in your neck are in a relaxed position during your regular activities. Begin taking short breaks for stretching each time you are in rigid positions for more than 1 hour.

Headaches by exercise

Exercise can also lead to headaches. Most of the time, they are limited to pain and can be controlled with medication. However, they are a cause for concern if they cause nausea, dizziness or unusual tension in the neck, this is when you should seek medical attention immediately.

Occipital neuralgia

This type of pain in the back of the head is caused by inflamed nerves. This results in a scalp that is very sensitive to touch. To help alleviate this condition, you can use anti-inflammatory oils locally, for massage. You can also consume foods with the same properties.

Brain tumor

Sometimes, headaches can be a sign of tumors. However, it is rarely the case that pain alone, which is felt occasionally, points to such serious problems.


Pain in the back of the head can have many causes, but it is often a manageable and temporary problem. However, persistence and interference with your daily activities should warn you to contact a doctor immediately.

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