Pneumonia: causes and symptoms

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One of the most frightening sensations is the inability to breathe normally, and when someone suffers from pneumonia, this fear becomes reality.

What is pneumonia?

Characterized as a inflammatory The condition of the lungs, mainly the small sacs where air is exchanged (alveoli), pneumonia occurs in multiple varieties and can be caused by several things. Bacterial cases It is usually presented with a very high one. fever, whereas viral cases resemble initially influenza in his presentation. [1]


The most common causes of pneumonia are:

Bacterial or viral infections Fungi, parasites and mycoplasmas. Autoimmune diseases Certain medications

Other factors can also put you at risk of getting this disease, such as:

Of smoking Diabetes Chronic diseases that weaken the immune system Recent respiratory traumatism cerebral palsy or other cognitive terms

The symptoms

Common symptoms of pneumonia include:

Painful stabbing sensations during the depths. breathing Strong cough (may produce sputum or blood, or it may be dry) Fever Chills Shortness of breath A headache waste of appetite Excessive sweating

The condition is usually identified by a chest x-ray or sputum testand, if you are experiencing one or more of these pneumonia symptoms, it is of the utmost importance to consult a medical professional as soon as possible, given how dangerous and potentially infectious this inflammatory condition is. [2]

Pneumonia is usually a secondary symptom of a larger or more serious problem, but if left untreated, it is often fatal. Bacterial infections that cause pneumonia can usually be treated with antibiotics, but other forms of this disease are much more difficult to treat.

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Pneumonia: causes and symptoms, reference:

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