Phytates are not so bad

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Did you know …That the phytates in beans and grains can help fight cancer cells?

An antioxidant found in beans, grains, seeds and nuts is proving to be a powerful fighter against cancer. The antioxidant is called phytic acid-And when it joins a mineral in a seed, it is known as phytate

Studies have shown that phytic acid / phytate …

Help fight cancer
Prevents the appearance of kidney stones.
It protects against diabetes.
Avoid cavities
Strengthens cardiovascular health

How phytate fights cancer

When phytic acid is processed in the intestine, it binds with minerals to prevent the formation of free radicals that lead to oxidative damage and disease.

Phytic acid also binds to heavy metals in the intestine, which helps rid the body of accumulated toxins such as cadmium and mercury.

Phytate is also absorbed by cancer cells throughout the body.
From there, this antioxidant compound is put to work to suppress the growth of cancer cells and tumors.

Phytate has been shown to stop the growth of

Human leukemia cells Colon cancer cells Estrogen-positive and negative breast cancer cells Cervical cancer Voice box cancer Melanoma Pancreatic cancer Liver tumors Prostate cancer Muscle cancers

Research suggests that phytate helps prevent cancer through multiple pathways.

Phytic acid is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating abilities. It helps improve the activity of white blood cells and natural killer cells, the weapons used by the immune system to defend against cancer cells. Phytic acid helps reduce angiogenesis-The formation of new blood vessels. If a tumor can not grow new blood vessels, then it can not grow more than 1 centimeter. By reducing angiogenesis, phytate essentially cuts the lifelines of cancerous tumors. Phytic acid triggers detoxification differentiation, which means that cancer cells stop behaving in a malignant way and begin to mimic the structure and activity of normal cells. Studies have shown that colon cancer cells, breast cancer cells, leukemia cells, prostate cancer cells and muscle cancer cells can mature structurally and behaviorally in cells of normal behavior through the differentiation

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The findings show that phytic acid can also help defend against kidney stones and heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

But is not phytate an antinutrient?
The advantages and disadvantages of phytate are definitely a topic of discussion in nutrition circles. You see, phytate binds to minerals like calcium and iron and can inhibit the absorption of minerals. However, unless you consume a diet extremely deficient in nutrients and rich in phytates (legumes, grains and seeds), the bioavailability of minerals in your body is probably not affected. This tends to be cause for concern in the developing areas of South America and India, where varied nutritious foods are scarce.

Our bodies are equipped to balance phytate levels through absorption in the intestine and excretion, as long as we eat a balanced diet. That means many grains, beans, nuts, seeds, protein sources, vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that not all grains are the same. Refined grains, such as white rice, for example, have been stripped of phytic acid bran. Experts recommend continuing with whole grains and wheat to benefit from the powers to fight phytate cancer.

Phytates are not all bad, Source:

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