Pancreatitis: causes and symptoms

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Pancreatitis It is a painful and potentially dangerous condition that affects more than half a million people each year.

What is pancreatitis?

Simply defined, pancreatitis is a inflammatory condition that affects the pancreas, a gland that is located behind the stomach, near the top of the abdominal cavity. This inflammation spreads from the gland to the surrounding blood vessels, with Bleeding Y infection being reasons of greater damage to the gland. Finally, digestive The juices trapped within this area begin to "digest" the pancreas. exist two types of pancreatitis: acute (new, short-term) and chronic (ongoing, long-term). [1] Either type can be serious and life threatening.


Pancreatitis occurs when those important digestive enzymes that help us absorb food It is activated when it is still in the pancreas, causing irritation in the tissues of the gland. A number of things can cause this premature activation, such as:

Alcoholism Infection An excessively fatty diet. Of smoking Abdominal surgery / trauma Hyperactive thyroid glands Pancreatic Cancer Cystic fibrosis


The symptoms

The symptoms of pancreatitis are quite easy to diagnose and impossible to ignore.

Higher abdominal pain Fever Nausea Threw up Tenderness of the abdomen High pulse

Acute pancreatitis: Most cases of acute pancreatitis will disappear after a few days, and there is no permanent damage.

Chronic pancreatitis: In the case of chronic pancreatitis, symptom [2] It can also include:

Inexplicable weightloss Oily stool Inability to sit without discomfort

Pancreatitis: causes and symptoms, reference:

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