Pain in the navel – What causes it?

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Pain in the navel is commonly found and can cause discomfort and discomfort. However, when the pain is intense and does not seem to diminish in any way, one may be overwhelmed with worry. Some people experience acute and permanent pain, while others feel some degree of discomfort when moving or bending.

navel pain

In some cases, this pain may be linked to a hernia or appendicitis. However, there are cases in which digestive problems cause pain. It is also typical of pregnant women to experience navel pain. Read on to become familiar with the main reasons related to this pain.


If the pain you feel is located near your belly button and goes to your right side too, this may indicate that you have appendicitis. Most people associate appendicitis with unbearable pain in the right part of the abdomen. However, typically, pain related to appendicitis begins in the area surrounding the navel.

The pain is usually severe, in this case. If other symptoms appear, such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, cough, fever and swelling, you should schedule a visit to the doctor. Although specialists claim that appendicitis can not be prevented, it is less common in people who follow a healthy diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy fiber.

Umbilical hernia

If you experience severe discomfort and stomach pain, especially around your navel, you may have an umbilical hernia. The pain usually occurs because there is a large amount of fluid in the intestines and a lump or bulge develops in the navel. Also, the pain is more intense during coughing or bending. The main aspects that lead to this condition include weight lifting, overweight, chronic cough, effort during childbirth. When you have this disease, surgery is required.

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Irritable bowel syndrome

One of the prominent symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome is abdominal pain, particularly in the naval area. Experts tell us that IBS can cause cramping and permanent pain in the lower abdomen near the navel. It is really a challenge to deal with the symptoms of this condition. Some people have noticed that the administration of peppermint oil capsules can relieve some of the symptoms.

Aloe vera is also highly recommended, due to its powerful anti-inflammatory potential to reduce inflammation of the intestinal lining. Licorice is also suggested, given its anti-inflammatory effects.

Navel pain during pregnancy

Another common cause for navel pain is pregnancy. Because your body goes through a wide range of changes, you may experience pain and discomfort near your abdomen. As the skin of the stomach stretches and expands, the navel can protrude outward. That can cause irritation, along with the use of tight and inadequate clothing.

If you are pregnant and frequently experience this type of pain, accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, you should consult your health care provider, as you may be suffering from an infection.

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