Pain in the legs: causes and treatment for pain in legs, calves and thighs

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What is peripheral arterial disease (PAD)?

Peripheral arterial disease causes cramping in the lower legs.

Peripheral arterial disease is a condition in which blood flow is inadequate to reach the extremities due to narrowed arteries. It is a cause of pain in the legs. People with PAD suffer from weakness in the legs, numbness and cramps when they walk. Symptoms usually occur when walking and other types of physical exertion and are resolved with rest. The condition can cause color changes in the legs and can make you feel cold when you do not get enough blood flow. Of smoking contributes to PAD, so if you have the condition and smoke, you should stop doing it. Medications can help, but some people need surgery for the condition. Another name for PAD is peripheral vascular disease. People with PAD have a higher risk of heart attack, careerY coronary artery disease. The pain caused by inadequate blood flow during exercise is called claudication.

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