Orange juice facts that will make you think twice before drinking it

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Today, oranges are among the most popular fruits in almost every region of the world. Whether they grow naturally or are imported from faraway places, these fruits have the power to satisfy the tastes of people with completely different origins. Precisely because they are so common, many orange-based recipes have been developed on time.

orange juice vs orange

Orange juice is, by far, the most successful invention. Concentrated or not concentrated, orange juice is often the first choice when it comes to people's favorite soft drinks. Considering the fact that pasteurized orange juice has been with us for more than half a century, it could mean that it is safe to drink it. But is the proof of enough time to tell us that?

Is a glass of orange juice always recommended?

I think we've all heard the specialist's recommendation to start the day with a glass of fresh and pleasant orange juice. This is not only because it will give us the necessary dose of energy to cope with the day's activities, but also because oranges are generally extremely nutritious. Therefore, the conflict of opinion appears: to eat the whole orange is the same as to drink its juice?

The answer to this question would be simple if we only had in mind fresh juice freshly squeezed from a natural orange and not the wide range of processed, concentrated / not concentrated, canned / bottled / you call it orange juices. These details really make a difference .

If the latter did not have so many questionable substances added, everything would have been fine. But sugars, flavor enhancers, color additives and other chemical compounds "destroy" the health benefits of natural juice. No matter what the label promises, no marketed beverage can be 100% natural (unless you squeeze the fruits right in front of you).

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An endless battle: orange vs. Orange juice.

"Ok, the orange juice marketed is not healthy. But a fresh orange juice is, is not it? "Well, it is, however, the healthier But it's definitely not as healthy as eating an entire orange.

Let's clarify things. It is estimated that an orange has around 60 calories and a high nutritional value in general: approximately 5 grams of fiber, 1 g of calcium, 131 mcg of beta-carotene, vitamins A, B6, C and, of course, sugar. All these substances are essential for the normal development of our body, BUT only in moderate quantities.

Now consider that a glass of 8 ounce orange juice contains the juice of 4-5 oranges. This means an overload of calories, sugar content, vitamin C and, on the other hand, loss of fiber (found in white membranes and the tone that is usually thrown away). While excess vitamin C is lost (because the body can not accept more than a certain amount daily), excess sugar will enter the bloodstream and possibly cause certain imbalances.

What do you think is the winner?

Now, the verdict would be obvious: there is nothing better than a fresh orange meal in its entirety. However, this does not mean that you should stop drinking orange juice forever. While you squeeze and do not overdo it, have fun preparing and enjoying!

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