Nutritional data and benefits of papaya seeds

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If you simply throw your papaya seeds, it is possible that you are losing an addition of nutrients to your health regime.

What are papaya seeds?

Papaya seeds are small, round, black seeds that are found in the center of the papaya. fruit, which bears the scientific name Carica papaya. When you open a papaya, there may be dozens or even hundreds of these black seeds in the middle, and most people simply throw these seeds away. [1] However, not only are they edible, but they also have a large amount of nutrients, as well as a unique flavor that makes them one of the tastiest fruit seeds.

You can remove the seeds and rinse them, since they are usually covered with a gelatinous covering. Once they are rinsed and dried, they can be eaten as they are, providing a slightly spicy spicy flavor, or they can be ground to use as a spice, or added to salads, soups, sauces and dressings as a tasty and nutritious addition.

Papaya Seeds Nutrition

Papaya seeds contain a surprisingly large amount of nutrients, including high levels of fat, proteinY magnesiumas well as dietetics fiber, calcium, and the match. Most important, however, these seeds are good sources of papain, the particular enzyme in papayas that is so closely linked to digestive health. [2] These seeds also have several alkaloids, proteolytic enzymes and other active ingredients that provide many benefits for general health.

Benefits of papaya seeds

The most impressive benefits of papaya seeds include their ability to improve kidney health, regular digestion, treat inflammation and pain related to arthritis, strengthens the immune system, and helps in weightloss, among others.

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Skin care

Antioxidants Y vitamins present in these The seeds can help increase the defenses of free radicals in your body, reducing wrinkles and the signs of aging. [3]

Detoxify the body

Studies have shown that these seeds and their enzymatic components can help stimulate kidney function and reduce levels of toxicity in the body.

Anti-inflammatory properties

It is often used as a natural treatment for pain and inflammation related to arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Boosts the immune system

The phenolic compounds and flavonoids found in these seeds defend your Body against foreign pathogens and possible infections. [4]

Prevent cancer

New research has shown that papaya seeds have immunomodulators components that can potentially slow down, stop or reverse tumor growth for certain types of Cancer. [5]

Help in digestion

Papaína is a digestive enzyme that can regular absorption of nutrients, intestinal movements and bacterial Environment of your gut. [6]

Side effects of papaya seed

Despite the many benefits, there are some side effects to consider, such as its effect on blood pressure, fertility, and heart Health. In addition, consuming an excessive amount of these seeds can result in toxicity due to the presence of ethyl benzothiocyanate, which can manifest as gastrointestinal Problems and allergic reactions.

Blood pressure

Studies have found that these seeds can lower blood pressure, but combined with other medications for blood pressure, it can be dangerous.


These seeds have been traditionally known as male contraceptive, so if you are trying to have a baby, avoid eating these seeds. [7]

Heart health

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There is a high level of fat in these seeds, so that an excessive amount can shed their fat. cholesterol levels and increase your insurance risk cardiovascular questions.

Information and nutritional benefits of papaya seeds, reference:

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