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All about cavities in babies and children.

Cavities in children – The truth

We have addressed (as we have done before) Dr. Peter Domoto, president of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry of the School of Dentistry at the University of Washington, to answer some common questions and some very important that parents can have about dental care for your children. and offer some tips so that families can perform each month of dental health.

Question: make soft teeth run in families?

Answer: "Dental scientists now know that soft teeth are not the true culprits of tooth decay, rather, tooth decay is an infection that is usually transmitted from mothers to babies during the first year of life. of childbearing age who have cavities or have had many fillings have the greatest risk of infecting their newborns with caries-producing bacteria. sugar that's part of the baby's diet and the deposit of acid against the surfaces of the child's teeth. "

Question: Does it really matter if baby teeth have cavities?

Answer: "Cavities are the result of a bacterial infection. The infection leads to the demineralization of the teeth. Demineralization can produce cavities because the enamel is not supported and collapses. The infection spreads and can cause severe pain and suffering in children. Healthy baby teeth help babies and toddlers eat, develop speech and establish a healthy environment for permanent teeth that burst later in life. Healthy milk teeth are also the best space maintainers for permanent teeth. "

Question: When should parents pay attention to dental health?

Answer: "Children nine or 10 months old can become infected with caries-producing bacteria. If left untreated, these dental infections can cause pain and costly dental treatment. "

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Question: How can parents prevent early childhood dental? cavities (cavities)?

Answer: Here are nine tips parents should follow to prevent their children from getting cavities:

Mothers must reduce their own oral bacterial infection through dental care and effective oral home care during the prenatal and postnatal periods. Avoid supporting a bottle in the crib. Avoid overeating at night or breastfeeding. Try to comfort the child with a pacifier or a favorite toy or blanket instead of using the bottle or breast as a pacifier. If the water is not chlorinated, discuss the fluoride drops or tablets with the dentist. Fluoride can be obtained with a prescription. Clean a child's teeth as soon as they burst. Parents should use a damp cloth or toothbrush to clean the teeth. Cleaning a child's teeth remains the responsibility of parents in the preschool years. Check your teeth regularly for any white or brown spots that may be the beginning of decay. Take the child to the dentist whenever you suspect a dental problem. The first visit of a child to the dentist must be made before the first birthday or six months after the eruption of the first tooth.

Following the advice of Dr. Domoto will result in a foundation of good dental health and a life of healthy smiles.


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